Tests, superscores and pre-college curriculum

ACT/SAT scores

K-State is test-optional, which means admission can be granted using other academic information. However, some scholarships and awards for freshmen may require an ACT or SAT.

K-State accepts and uses superscores for the ACT Composite and SAT ERW+M. The highest total score will be accepted via student self-reporting, from high school transcripts or from the testing agency. The freshman application for admission allows for superscore submission. Superscores will be used for admission and scholarship awarding.

Qualified admission recommended precollege curriculum

Challenging academics in high school are important to your success. The following curriculum recommendation mirrors the Kansas Scholars Curriculum and guidance from the Kansas Board of Regents. This curriculum will help high school and home school students prepare for university-level work.

Subject Years Notes
English 4

One unit to be taken each year. Should include substantial recurrent practice in writing extensive and structured papers, extensive reading of significant literature, and significant experience in speaking and listening.

Science 3

One year each in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, each of which includes an average of one laboratory period a week.

Mathematics 4

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and one unit of advanced mathematics-- suggested courses include: Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Functions or Calculus.

Social studies 3

One unit of U.S. History; minimum of one-half unit of U.S. Government and minimum of one-half unit selected from: World History, World Geography or International Relations; and one unit selected from: Psychology, Economics, U.S. Government, U.S. History, Current Social Issues, Sociology, Anthropology, and Race and Ethnic Group Relations.

Foreign Language 2

Two years of one language. Latin and Sign Language are accepted.

Semester-long courses which combine to total years of instruction are encouraged.