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April Orientation and Enrollment
for transfer students

You are invited to attend a virtual orientation and enrollment for admitted transfer students. This is your first opportunity to select summer and fall courses.

Due to COVID-19, the in-person session originally scheduled for April 20 and 21 have been made into a virtual experience. 

You will learn more about K-State, meet with an academic advisor in a virtual format, and be guided through the class selection process. Space and advising appointments are limited.

Registration is Closed

April Orientation and Enrollment will take place in two parts:

1) You will receive access to the online orientation materials beginning April 13. In order to have your advising appointment scheduled during the week of April 20, you must have the course completed by April 19 at 11:59 p.m.

2) Once complete, your academic college will be notified that you are ready for the enrollment process. Enrollment will take place starting April 20, based on the communication you receive from your academic advisor. 

Before Orientation and Enrollment

Step 1: Register for the event

There is no registration fee required for the virtual orientation and enrollment. 

Step 2: Set up your eID

Before you can enroll in your courses, you must have an eID (electronic ID). This comprehensive computer ID will provide access to all your K-State electronic resources, including e-mail. Complete an eProfile to register for your eID.

Step 3: Complete your admissions file

Have your college send us your most recent transcript to complete your file. Not sure if your file is complete? Email our office: apply@k-state.edu.

Step 4: Take the online math placement exam

If you plan to take a math course during your time at K-State, you must complete the online exam prior to your advising appointment.

Get more info about the exam

Step 5: Complete your student health requirements online. 

Students who are enrolling in their first semester at K-State for Summer or Fall 2020 are required to complete the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire and submit their measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination records. Log on to My Lafene Portal to upload your vaccine documentation.

All new freshman and transfer students are required to submit vaccination records for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).  All students living in the residence halls are required to provide documentation for meningitis vaccine or sign a waiver.  To find out more about K-State’s vaccination requirements, visit Lafene Health Center’s homepage. Follow the instructions to access our secure patient portal and upload a picture of your immunizations. Contact Lafene Health Center at lafene@k-state.edu if you have questions.

Step 6: Check your K-State Email

Check your email to find required tasks to be completed before orientation and enrollment along with updates before you attend.

Step 7: Review Courses

Check the course catalog for courses that are offered and that interest you. We recommend reviewing this prior to meeting with your academic advisor to have an idea of what classes you would like to take. Feel free to have this list with you during your appointment.

Step 8: Look into Involvement Opportunities

Review involvement opportunities and student organizations prior to becoming a student. K-State has more than 475 student organizations, which are listed on the Center for Student Involvement website. 

The Orientation Process

Orientation Modules 

Beginning April 13 you will receive access to the Orientation course on Canvas, which is K-State's online learning platform. You will learn how to navigate your student information center, your degree audit report, and many other things all new Wildcats need to know. At the end of each module will be a short quiz just to make sure you read and understood the content provided. 

Appointments with Advisors

Once you've completed all of the modules, you will be connected with your academic college for assistance with enrolling. This may include a virtual meeting with your advisor to review previous academic records and selecting courses for the fall. Once you have this discussion with you advisor, you will be enrolled either by your advisor or given access to enroll yourself. Enrollment will take place the week of April 20. 

Fall course availability

Check online for courses that might interest you. 

Fall Course Schedule

Tuition and fee payment

If registering for Summer classes, you will be billed electronically in May for your tuition and fees, athletic tickets, and parking permits (if ordered). Tuition and fees will be due in early June. If you are registering for Fall classes, you will be billed electronically in July for your tuition and fees, athletic tickets and parking permits (if ordered), which will be due in August. 

Get more information about payments

Other activities

  • Complete financial aid procedure.
  • Purchase your textbooks.
  • Explore housing options.
  • Complete your student health file.

Cannot Attend April Dates

Orientation and enrollment is required to enroll at K-State the first time.

Get details about transfer orientation and enrollment in June.


Orientation and Enrollment: events@k-state.edu

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