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Kansas statute and regulations

Initial residency classification is determined from information you provide when you apply for admission. If you are living or attending school outside Kansas, if you recently moved to Kansas, or if you graduate from high school outside the state of Kansas, you may be classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes. Admitted students receive notification if classified as nonresidents. It is the student's responsibility to provide any additional information that may be required to make an accurate residency determination.

To be considered a Kansas resident for tuition purposes, you need to meet the following criteria for 12 months prior to the academic term for which you want to be classified as a resident:

  • You cannot be a dependent of your parents if they live in another state. You will be considered a resident of the state in which your parents reside.
  • You must reside in Kansas continuously for the 12 months prior to the academic term for which residency is being requested.
  • You must establish ties with Kansas to demonstrate your intent to become a Kansas resident. These ties include but are not limited to the following: full-time employment in Kansas, filing Kansas resident taxes, registering to vote in Kansas, obtaining a Kansas driver's license or registering your vehicle in Kansas.
  • Persons seeking to establish Kansas residency must demonstrate that education was not the primary purpose of coming to Kansas and may not take more than 3 credit hours per semester in the 12 months prior to the academic term for which residency is being requested.

Special circumstances

Special circumstances may qualify you to pay resident tuition if (each of the following circumstances requires documentation of your specific situation):

  • You are a current member of the armed forces of the United States or the member's spouse or dependent child.  "Armed Forces" means the army, navy, marine corps, air force, coast guard, Kansas army or air national guard or any branch of the military reserves of the United States.
  • You are a veteran, spouse or dependent child of a veteran who was permanently stationed in Kansas during service in the armed forces or had established residency in KS prior to service in the armed forces.
  • You are a dependent of divorced parents and one parent is a bona fide resident of Kansas.
  • Your parents recently moved from Kansas but you will graduate from an accredited Kansas high school, and enroll at K-State within six months of high school graduation.
  • You were a bona fide Kansas resident who moved from Kansas but returned to live in Kansas within five years.
  • You attended a Kansas high school for three or more years, graduated from an accredited Kansas high school or earned a GED issued in Kansas and are not eligible for resident tuition in any other state.
  • Your move to Kansas was the result of a job transfer or job recruitment.
  • You are employed on a regular payroll appointment of at least a 0.4 time, or your spouse or parent is employed full-time on a regular payroll appointment by a Kansas Regents university.

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