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Out-of-state students

Qualified admission

The basics of qualified admission standards are listed here. 

Freshmen from outside Kansas are given additional consideration. Since pre-college curriculum requirements do vary from state to state, the Kansas Board of Regents Qualified Admission standards to include several options for assessing out-of-state students. Qualified admission will be granted:

  • if a student meets all the college readiness benchmarks for each ACT subscore (for 2016 these are English-18, Mathematics-22, Social Sciences-22, and Science-23) OR
  • if a student has completed the pre-college curriculum of his or her state with over a 2.5 GPA (with this option the student must also either be ranked in the top third of the graduating class, have a 21 or higher ACT composite, a 1060 or higher SAT ERW+M, or have a 980 or higher SAT CR+M) 

Once we have your completed application, we will conduct a full review!

Discounted tuition

K-State has exchange programs for eligible students in the following programs and states:

  • Students from Missouri who major in architectural engineering, architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture.
  • Veterinary medicine students from North Dakota.

Midwest Student Exchange Program

The Midwest Student Exchange (MSEP) is for residents of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio or Wisconsin. More information is available on the MSEP website.

Founders Non-Resident Merit Award

The Founders Non-Resident Merit Award is for residents of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Oklahoma or Texas.


Kansas statute and regulations

Initial residency classification is determined from the information you provide when you apply for admission. If you are living or attending school outside Kansas, if you recently moved to Kansas, or if you graduate from a high school outside the state of Kansas, you may be classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes. Admitted students receive notification if classified as nonresidents. It is the student's responsibility to provide any additional information that may be required to make an accurate residency determination.

More about Kansas residency

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