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Education Abroad

Learn about Our Programs

We offer hundreds of programs in over eighty countries, which are categorized as follows:

Faculty-led programs are short-term study tours over breaks, intersessions, or summer in which you learn and travel with a K-State professor and students. Cultural activities and excursions are often included. A list of programs can be viewed at https://ksu.studioabroad.com/?go=FacultyLed

Exchange programs allow you to pay in-state tuition and fees while attending one of our more than eighty partner universities. These programs offer you a more independent experience and are generally for a semester or year. A list of programs can be viewed at https://ksu.studioabroad.com/?go=ExchangePrograms

Direct enroll programs, like exchange programs, offer you a more independent experience. These programs are generally for a summer, semester or year, provide additional options for students, and tuition and fees are paid directly to the partner university.

Program providers organize study abroad programs that offer additional assistance throughout your international experience. These programs are offered for various lengths of time during the year and provide a more structured experience, often with cultural activities and excursions.

Volunteer, service-learning, internship, research, or teach abroad programs allow you to engage in other experiences for one week to one year or more, either for credit or not for credit. More information about these types of programs can be viewed here.

Program Search

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