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Education Abroad

Browse by Major or Minor

We highly encourage you to consider a program abroad that best fits your major or minor.  Not only may you take prerequisites and major or minor requirements abroad, but you even may be able to complete a major or minor and graduate early!

Below you will find Major/Minor Advising Programs, or MAPs, organized by college.  These documents (PDFs) provide you with recommended examples of study, internship, research, and service abroad programs for your major or minor.  Download your MAP to learn more about options for a given subject, or print off a copy to carry with you.  You may also find hard copies with more detailed information about options for your major or minor abroad in the Education Abroad office.

Note:  If you don't see your major or minor posted here yet, don't worry!  We are currently developing MAPs for all majors and minors.  Contact an Education Abroad Advisor at overseas@k-state.edu or stop by Education Abroad for suggestions for your major or minor.

College of Agriculture

Agriculture - All Majors (PDF)

College of Architecture, Planning, and Design

APDesign - All Majors (PDF)

College of Arts and Sciences



Arts and Sciences General


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Communication Studies



Environmental Science (interdisciplinary degree)


Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies




Health Professions (Pre-Health, Pre-Nursing)


Journalism and Mass Communications

Math, Physics, and Statistics

Music, Theatre, and Dance

Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (secondary major)


Political Science


Social Work



College of Business Administration

Business Administration - All Majors (PDF)

College of Education

Education - All Majors (PDF)

College of Engineering

Engineering - All Majors (PDF)

College of Health & Human Sciences

Interior Design and Fashion Studies

Family Studies and Human Services

Hospitality Management

Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health 


K-State Polytechnic

K-State Polytechnic

K-State Global Campus

K-State Global Campus

Affordable Programs

Affordable Programs

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