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Education Abroad

Apply Now

Once you have chosen a specific program, follow these instructions to complete your K-State application:

1.  Click on Apply for a Program, which will open Terra Dotta, our program database, in a new window.

2.  Search for the program to which you would like to apply.

3.  Click on the name of your program.

4.  Click the Apply Now button.

5.  Log in with your K-State eID if you are a registered K-State student; or create an account using the User Identification Wizard if you are not registered with K-State.

6.  Choose the term when you wish to study abroad. 

7.  If prompted, enter the requested demographic information. Your application is now in the Pending phase.

8.  Complete the Material Submission(s) requests. These are documents that must be signed and submitted to Education Abroad. Click on the title of each Material Submission for more details.

9.  Carefully read and digitally sign the Signature Document(s).

  • If you are under the age of 18, please contact your Education Abroad Advisor.

10.  Complete the Application Questionnaire(s)

The First Phase of Your K-State Education Abroad Application is Now Complete.

11.  Wait for an acceptance decision from Education Abroad.

  • For most programs: An Education Abroad Advisor will review your application. If it is complete and you meet all requirements, your application will be changed to the Accepted phase, and you will receive an acceptance letter via e-mail. To finalize your K-State Education Abroad application, you must click on the Commit button. 
  • For faculty-led and some special programs: The faculty leader will review your application and notify Education Abroad if you are approved to participate on the program. If your application is complete and you meet all requirements, your application will be changed to the Accepted phase, and you will receive an acceptance letter via e-mail. You will then have a period of time (determined by the faculty leader) in which to commit to your program. You must only log into your application and click the "Commit" button to move to the Committed phase.

12.  Once you have been accepted to a program, there will be more application items. Complete the additional Material Submission(s), Signature Document(s), and Questionnaire(s). If applicable, also complete the Assessment.

Return to your online application

To regain access to your application after logging out, follow these instructions:

1. Visit our website at k-state.edu/abroad

2. Click on the MyApp icon. You will be directed to the K-State login page. Enter your K-State eID and password.

3. From your applicant homepage, click on the name of the program you would like to view within the Applications section.

* Are you not seeing your applicant homepage?

If you are re-directed to your K-State dashboard, in a new browser tab go to ksu.studioabroad.com.

If you are not able to access your online application, please contact Education Abroad.

Login to Complete your Application
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