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Education Abroad

Katelin Christianer-Donkers


I am an alumna of Kansas State University for my undergraduate degree in Marketing and was granted many wonderful opportunities during my time in Manhattan. While at K-State I participated in a study abroad semester in Florence, Italy through ISA and worked as a Peer Advisor for Education Abroad my senior year, which I credit for my career path in International Education. After my graduation I moved to Phoenix, AZ to work for CEA Study Abroad as an Admissions Counselor and then Enrollment Specialist. During that time I also pursued a Master of Education in International Education through Endicott College. This Master’s program allowed me to work full time while studying and travel to Prague, CZ to take classes with fellow students from around the world. I have been privileged to travel many places both internationally and domestically but am especially proud of the fact that I have been to 47 out of the 50 states in the US. Since working here, I have been able to visit Latin America and Australia, in pursuit of better understanding the cultures and locations that we send our students to!