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Brent Holliday

Brent Holliday

Prior to receiving my undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Nebraska, I studied abroad in the Czech Republic and in Greece. Following my studies abroad I backpacked Europe, stayed at youth hostels, and ran with the bulls in Spain! I continued studying the Czech language and even got a job working for an airline just so that I could continue my love of travel. After graduating from UNL, I taught English abroad for several years. I taught English to Tibetan monks in the Himalayas, studied Aikido in Japan, and played Sitar on the banks of the Ganges River in India. I returned to Nebraska in 2011 to pursue my Masters degree in Student Affairs. During this time I worked in education abroad at UNL and Nebraska Wesleyan University and was able to lead a summer program to Japan. I joined the KSU education abroad team in February 2014.