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About K-State

Putting Students First

At Kansas State University, we take student success personally — and that is evident in our commitment to foster an outstanding, well-rounded student experience from the start. Our students enjoy:

An environment focused on student success

K-State is committed to helping students find academic, personal and career success. We offer K-State First, a comprehensive first-year experience program to help new students adjust to campus life. All students benefit from academic support services and programs, including free tutoring. High-achieving students enjoy a universitywide honors program and the opportunity to compete for prestigious national scholarships. We are proud to have the highest freshman-to-sophomore year retention rate among all universities in Kansas.

Numerous academic options. With more than 250 majors and options available, K-State offers more undergraduate degree choices than any school in Kansas, and continues to be the top choice for in-state high school students. Students have the opportunity to pair minors, secondary majors and areas of emphasis with their degree of choice. The university strives to be a Top 50 public research university where undergraduate students continue to engage in research opportunities and other applied learning.


A commitment to career development

K-State offers several opportunities for students to find or confirm their major and career of choice. Students who are undecided on a major enroll in open option, a focused program with professional academic advisors. Career exploration assessments and classes help students find the right fit. We host one of the largest career fairs in the Big 12 with more than 300 employers available for students interested in internships and full-time jobs. In a recent survey of our graduates, 97 percent of respondents were employed or attending graduate school or professional programs.


Class sizes that support high-quality education

All K-State classes are designed to provide high-quality learning. We limit our freshman English classes to 22 students, speech classes to 26, intro chemistry labs to 18 and intro art classes to 18. Nearly 92 percent of our classes have fewer than 53 students. The classroom experience is enhanced with group discussions, team projects and multimedia presentations. New students can also find small class sizes in first-year seminars and learning communities.


Award-winning faculty teaching introductory courses

Our faculty members receive more than $150 million in research funding each year, often from national agencies, for world-changing discoveries. Many have been recognized for their stellar teaching skills through awards such as the Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars. Graduate teaching assistants are selected based on their subject competency and demonstrated proficiency in English. K-State faculty members are recognized as leaders in their fields and help create a culture of excellence.


Innovative technologies for better learning

Most courses are supported by a web-based course management system. Other technology resources include a digital library, online courses, campuswide wireless access and centrally supported computer labs. K-State believes that high-quality facilities and technology are necessary to meet evolving needs of students, faculty, researchers and staff. Recently, 20 K-State courses were converted to open or alternative textbooks, saving students more than $1 million.


A commitment to leadership development

K-State offers more than 475 student organizations, including multicultural clubs, religious organizations, academic and professional groups, honor societies, sports and recreation opportunities, and arts and cultural events. Leadership development and student governance opportunities exist through formal courses, organized living groups and campus organizations. More than 1,000 students are enrolled in the leadership studies minor. We are proud to offer students the chance to hone their leadership skills for future careers in a diverse, global society.


A priority to keep education affordable

We recognize that pursuing a college degree is a significant investment. Each student has a personal financial assistance advisor available early in the college decision process. Each year, we award more than $209 million in financial aid and $54 million in scholarships. Our award-winning Powercat Financial program provides financial literacy education and individual counseling for students.