Partner with Us

We are excited to partner with faculty, staff, student groups, etc. to come and present, host workshops, and share resources.

The Academic Achievement Center needs partners to best support students' academic success! We're always looking for new ways of partnering with student groups, faculty, departments, and colleges. Use the resources provided by the Academic Achievement Center for your student, faculty, or departmental needs.


As a Student Group

We can provide helpful resources for students to succeed in and outside of the classroom. As a student group, you can:


As Faculty

We can provide academic resources to help your students. The AAC can provide you with:

  • Additional Canvas/syllabus statements
  • Short videos to watch in class or as an assignement
  • Flyers to share
  • Presentations or workshops
  • Referring a student for Academic Coaching

Visit the Faculty Resources page to see more about these options.


As a Department

We can help provide academic services to your specific students through multiple ways like:

  • Academic Coaching cohort
  • Tutoring for specific courses

For these options, reach out to to build a service-level agreement.