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K-State Sesquicentennial

History trivia

How well do you know K-State?

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of a university, a history test only seems appropriate. Purple-clad fans and friends may have a hard time believing it, but there was a time before K-State. See how many you get right!

  1. In 1922 what was the mascot's name?
    1. Willie
    2. Tom

    3. Touchdown
  2. What was the only piece of music to survive a fire on the campus in 1968?
    1. "The Wabash Cannonball"
    2. Alma Mater

    3. "Wildcat Victory"
  3. Memorial Stadium was built to honor those who fought in which war?
    1. Civil War
    2. WWI
    3. WWII
  4. What is the university's official color(s)?
    1. Purple and white
    2. Purple and gray
    3. Purple
  5. What was the university's original name?
    1. Bluemont Central College
    2. Kansas State Agricultural College
    3. Kansas State University
  6. Before the university's teams were known as the Wildcats, what was our nickname?
    1. Wheaties
    2. Bobcats
    3. Aggies
  7. When was the university founded?
    1. 1863
    2. 1855
    3. 1860
  8. Which of the following political leaders did not speak at the university? 

    1. John F. Kennedy

    2. Martin Luther King Jr.
    3. Susan B. Anthony
  9. Before the university's mascot was a wildcat, a dog named Boscoe made frequent appearances at sporting events. What kind of dog was Boscoe?
    1. Black Labrador
    2. Golden Retriever
    3. Bulldog
  10. What invention is 1941 grad Herbert Dimond famous for?

    1. Hula Hoop
    2. Snooze Alarm
    3. Upright Vacuum



1.c 2.a 3.b 4.c 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.a 9.a 10.b


Information courtesy of University Archives.