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K-State Sesquicentennial

Guest book

View our sesquicentennial celebration guestbook. Thank you for joining us in our celebration, even if you couldn't make it to Manhattan.

Rhonda (Adams) Gierhan (1986)

Clay Center, KS

Have always been a Wildcat fan, even when I was little. Loving that my son is carrying on the tradition. Proud to be a Wildcat, always!

Bonnee Beth (Badger) Lugauer (1968)

South Milwaukee Wisconsin

Oh, My. I remember the 100th. Happy 150th Birthday, KSU. Many wonderful memories. I've remain always a Wildcat.

Lynette (Beckman) Ball (1974)

Colby, KS

It was a wonderful experience being part of the KSU family and graduating with an Accounting degree in 1974. I still (every day) am proud to claim that I am a WILDCAT! I follow football/basketball and always read all I can about KSU sports/programs.

Tana Jo (Billingham) Rarick (1978)

York, PA

Manhattan was a great place to grow up. Both of my Sibs graduated from K-State, and we have always been Wildcat proud!

Tisha (Cline) Halfert (1998)

Olathe, Kansas

May God continue to bless Kansas State University! Love you! Go CATS!

Lynda (Doramus) Krog


I Loved....Going to the football games back when we all looked hot! 1964/65

Jessica (Dozark) Baldwin (2006)

Fayetteville, NC

I am so glad I chose Kansas State for my undergraduate degree. It's a wonderful university and I have many great memories I will treasure for years to come. I'm proud to call myself a wildcat. I hope one day my daughter will be a wildcat too. Go State!

Mil(lie) (heiken) Sanderson (1960)

Fort Worth, Texas

This is a fun time to be a Wildcat! President of Van Zile Hall '59-60 was a great time too. Thanks for the memories. May KSU continue to be known world wide. Love wearing my K-state shirts everywhere.

Sonya (Hulsey) Allen (1991)

Lawrence, KS

Happy 150th KSU. Great memories of my time in Manhattan!

Melanie (Hundley) Musselman (1993)

Clifton, KS

Thanks for preparing me to do what I love, ag communications! I had the best advisor, Dr. Larry Erpelding! I grew up in a K-State family and now my husband, a 1992 KSU grad, and I are passing the purple tradition on! Here's to the next 150 years! EMAW!

Kris (Lundquist) Mauck

Manhattan, KS

I have always been a K-State fan, and am working here currently. I am proud to say my dad graduated from K-State, my brother, my husband, and all three of our children. Congratulations K-State on turning 150!!!!

LeAnn (Mansfield)Howell (1980)


Happy Birthday KSU, Purple Blood has run through family veins for generations and for new gernations to come. EMAW

Danna (Rice) Dinkel (1990)

Flower Mound, TX Congrats Cats!

Nakayla (Robbs) Hoshaw (2010)

Olathe, KS

I will never forget my time at K-State or the amazing friends I made at Smurthwaite and Smith House! EMAW!!!

Liz (Roether) Rosewicz (1981)

St. George, KS

Love K-State! Always will. My parents, sister and her husband, and my husband all went to K-State.

Jan (Rupp) Ballard (1968)

Kansas City, MO

Always so very proud to be a KSU Wildcat!

Carol (Shideler) Hance (1956)

Walnut Creek, CA

Thankful for the training I got which helped me have a career as a dietitian for 40 years.

Janet (Sprang) Ayres (1970)

Scottsdale, Arizona

K-State is forever a part of who we are. Blessed to be a Wildcat!

Tracy (Tannehill) Salava (1990)

United States

Congratulations, Kansas State University! You are near and dear to my heart.

Mindy (Thompson) Wills (1976)

Hutchinson, KS

Happy 150th K-State! Loved my time at KSU! Still a proud wearer of the purple!!

Brenda (Wienck) Miesner (1988)

Manhattan, KS

I am proud to say I was in the first graduating class to graduate in Bramlage (Dec. 1988). I have been working on campus for 23 years and will for many more. I am a Alpha of Clovia Scholarship House Alumni also and have great memories as a Clover.

Alyssa Adamany (2014)

Manhattan, KS

Happy 150th birthday, KSU. Always proud to be a Wildcat! EMAW and Go State!!

Leah Adeniji

I love working at K-State and helping students daily!!! It’s such an amazing family that is unlike any college campus I have ever been on, and it shows. Happy 150th, with many more anniversaries to come. Go Cats!

Muhammad Iqbal Anjum (1992)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

As a graduate of Kansas State University, I congratulate the faculty members, students, and alumni of KSU on the eve of its 150th anniversary. Often,I enjoy the pleasant memories of my academic experiences at KSU & at its Jardine Apartments I-7 & V-12.

Ralph C. Arnold (1950)

Larned, KS You would think after all these years I wouldn't be able to remember Kite's! Fun years, a long time ago.

Mark Avilla (2013)


Happy 150th Birthday KSU! I Know a Spot that I Love Full Well, and that spot is the K-State! My last two years here have been a privilege, and I will be sad to graduate in May, but excited for the opportunities this school has given me!

Donna Axelton

North Bend, OR

I was personal secretary for Mr. Edwards in Housing while my husband attended K-State. Later my son took a Horticulture Degree

Belinda Baber (2012)

Manhattan, KS

Proud to be a K-Stater!!

Stacey Bailey (2012)

Manhattan, KS

Also received my UG degree in 2003. We bleed purple!

Sharon Bairow-Riffey (1981)

Wamego, Kansas

Kansas State University is still near and dear to my heart. Making friends in the dorm, classes and at celebrations made life at KSU fun. I'm proud that we still keep the degree programs that made our university a great land grant college. Alumni Proud!

Jessica Baldwin (Dozark) (2006)

Fayetteville, NC

I am proud to call myself a Wildcat. K-State is an amazing school. I'm glad I chose this school for undergrad. I hope my daughter will continue our Wildcat tradition. Much love. EMAW!

Tamara Barstow (1979)

I loved February when the daffodils bloomed along the old Farrell library. Happy birthday, KSU

Maria Beebe (2012)

Manhattan KS

My daughter was born on the same day K-State was established, just a few years later. Guess we were meant to be Wilcats!

Cerene Belli (1987)

New Jersey

I benefit every day of my life from my K State education. May those who follow equally benefit and always elevate KSU to higher accolades.

Cerene Belli (1987)

New Jersey

I benefit every day of my life from my K State education. May those who follow equally benefit and always elevate KSU to higher accolades.

Stacy Bennett (2000)


So proud to be a 4th generation K-State graduate!

Ralph Berry (1968)

Sunriver, OR

Congrats for 150 years of educational accomplishments. Go Wildcats.

Melinda Bever Sinn (1980)

Manhattan, Kansas

Many great memories of being a human ecology graduate and now working at K-State. Now I have three daughters that are K-State alumni as well.

Bridget Birkle

I have always been a Kstate fan and carried this on to my daughters. They now are carrying this on to their children.Go KSU

David Blanchard

Fort Collins, Co


Margaret Blaske (1996)

Blue Rapids, KS

I started KSU in 1963, the 100th anniversary year, dropped out and came back in '94 with 2 of my children. Graduated when I was 50 with a BS in Social Work. So proud of KSU and its accomplishments over the 150 years. Keep up the good work.

David Bloyd

Congrats K-State! Hopefully this is only the beginning. Go Cats!

Breana Boger (2006)

Manhattan, KS Proud to be a Wildcat!

Terry Brabb (1975)

Louisville, KY Wildcats Forever. Job well done K-State, keep up the work.

AJ Bradley (2007)

United States

Oh, how I wish I could be there! Congratulations to my wonderful Alma Mater for 150 fantastic years!

Kelly Brannum (1986)

Dallas, TX

Hang in there for another 150 years.

Brigitte Brecheisen Huss (2008)

Mansfield, Texas

I could not be more proud than I am today to be a fourth generation Wildcat! My time spent at KSU getting my BA in Poli. Sci. (2008) and MPA (2010) was incredible! I will forever bleed purple!

Allison Brown (2011)

Bloomington, MN

Happy Birthday, KSU! Go Wildcats!

Glenn Brown (1985)

Albuquerque N M

I have travled to over 70 countries...KSU is recognized as a leader in academics and athletics all over the World! EMAW

Megan Bryan (2010)

St. Louis, MO

Being a Kstate student was the best 4 years of my life! I am proud to be a forever Wildcat!

Christopher Burtin (1986)

andover, ks

I am really proud to be a WILDCAT of KSU!!

Amy Button Renz (1976)

Manhattan, KS

I am proud to be a K-State Wildcat and to celebrate 150 incredible years!

Brandi Buzzard (2012)

Manhattan, KS

Master's in ASI in 2012 and UG in 2009. Go Cats!

Genna Calkins (2013)


So proud to be graduating in such an exciting year for K-State! Manhattan will always feel like home.

Karla Camacho-Godoy (2010)


Happy Birthday!

Betty Cary Stevens (1965)

Manhattan, Kansas

It was a very good year.

Chris Case (2013)

Manhattan, KS

May is right around the corner. Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

David Caston (2003)

Lees summit Missouri

I'm hoping to come and see some old familiar faces..

Joshua Caton (2006)

Lee's Summit, MO

I went to football games in the 1980's as a kid when you'd get in free at half time and the highlight was getting to play on the field after the game. 7 years in Manhattan for undergrad and grad school, it will always be my home away from home! GO STATE!

Somer Chalfant (2001)

Holton, KS

Looking forward to it..Go Cats!

John Chatelain (1972)

Fargo, North Dakota

I regret I will not be able to attend the 150th celebrations. I do remember the 100th. I was 12 a year old, paper carrier for the Mercury. With all the special additions, it was the heaviest load I carried for them. Wish I had saved a copy. Ever EMAW.

Mirta Chavez

Happy Birthday!

Kelly (Chappell) Christensen (1984)

Topeka, KS

I will always cherish the valuable education received and the lifelong friendships formed at Kansas State University. Congrats on 150 years! Forever a Wildcat!!

Becky Christner (2008)

Hutchinson, KS

I am so proud to be a KSU graduate. I cherish the time I spent at K-State, two of the best years of my life!

Erin Clopine (2014)


Congratulations to K-State on 150 years of higher learning success! Always proud to be a Wildcat!

Meir Cohen (1981)


I had the greatest time at KSU while studying Computer Science in grad school. I wish I could come over and celebrate!

Jannet Coleman (2008)

How exciting to be apart of Kansas State University's Sesquicentennial Celebration, I am anxious to be there!

Terri Colgate

Norman, OK

Wish I could make it and celebrate with fellow KSU fans. Have fun! Go CATS!

D. Cheryl Collins (1975)

Manhattan, Kansas

Congratulations Kansas State on 150 years of success and history as the first land grant college in the nation.

Deb Collins Luckadoo (1976)

Cary, NC

Many wonderful memories of living in West Hall for 7 years, working as a staff member and serving in KSUARH. I am so grateful for all the leadership learned from Mabel Strong, Chet Peters and Pat Bosco. Oh yes, and my 2 degrees! Happy Birthday, K-State!

Jennifer Conner (Toews) (2009)

Wagoner, OK

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education in 2009. I will forever be a Wildcat and Bleed Purple! GO CATS!!

Stacy Cope (1981)

Lawrence, KS

So many memories! Congratulations to the first 150 years and to the next 150!

John Corwin (1966)

Mountain View, CA

I was a freshman in 1963 when the 100th anniversary celebration was going on. I didn't appreciate how special K-State was at the time, but I sure do now. I'll be a Wildcat forever!!

Betty Currie (1982)


I'm proud to be a K-State graduate in this sea of crimson and blue.

Anand Desai

Manhattan, KS

Congratulations K-State! May the next 150 years be even better and glorious. Wildcats forever!!

Adrianne DeWeese (2008)

Independence, MO

I grew up in Wamego, just 15 minutes from Manhattan, but attending K-State was a whole new experience! I loved every moment, and I miss my alma mater dearly. They truly were the best four years of my life. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!

R.J. Dickens (1979)

Wichita, KS

Born and raised in Manhattan just a block off campus... Dad worked for KSU for over 30 years. Will definitely try to make it home. EMAW!

Sue Dieckhoff (1976)

Salina, Kansas

Proud to call Kansas State University my Alma Mater.

Kara Dillard (2011)

Fairbanks, AK

Here's to another 150 great years! Happy sesquicentennial, Kansas State!

Alexandra Dominguez (2014)

Kansas State

I love everything about Kansas State!

Jennifer Dominguez (1985)

Sycamore, IL

Born and raised in Manhattan, played volleyball for K-State, two of my kids go to K-State where I also met their father. Family legacy. EMAW!

Joanne Domme

Topeka, Kansas

Go WildCats!

Rick Dotson (1973)

Irwin, PA

Happy 150th and many more.

Nausheen Doyle (1999)

Seattle, WA So excited to celebrate!

Yibing Duan (2014)


Congrats KSU! Go cats!

Elvira Dumayas (1983)

Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines

Congratulations K-State for the sesquicentennial celebration! How I wish to be there again! How could I forget Anderson Hall, Waters Hall and Putnam Hall! my professors and friends...

Mike Dumiak (1966)

Sumter, SC.....Fond memories of my time at K-State make it seem like only yesterday that I was in Memorial Stadium pulling for our Wildcats...note in those days we had a real Wildcat at the games or enjoying a walk across our wonderful campus. Go Wildcts!

Elizabeth (Townsend) Easton (2005)

Bethany, MO

I loved every minute at K-State and am so proud to be a Wildcat. EMAW!

Dean Eckhoff (1964)

448 Bridgefield Wichita

I spent 44 years as a student Prof in NE.

Sara Edwards (1998)

Atlanta, GA

Happy 150th, K-State!!!!

Jessica Elmore (2006)

Manhattan, KS

I would not miss this celebration that will only happens once in my lifetime!

Howard Erickson (1959)

I am looking forward to all of the sesquicentennial events.

Lynn Feldhausen

K-State staff

Loved walking across campus at Christmas time and at 5:00 the bells would play Christmas carols!

Leonard & Janet Finney


Leonard & Janet has work for KSU for more then 34+ years and are still working. Had two sons (Matt & Joe) that graduated from KSU. Yes we are all pround to be a Wildcat. Go KSU.

Verna Fitzsimmons

United States

Congratulations on a great first 150 years.

Teara Flagg (2014)

Manhattan, KS

I have made some of best memories at K-state and I can't wait to become a KSU Alumni! Go Cats!

Nancy Fox Sterrett (1981)

Mt juliet Tennessee

Grew up in manhattan. Went to Kansas state. Met my husband there and my daughter was born in manhattan. Great years:)

Gregory Fraizer (1991)

Hutchinson, Kansas

The five years I spent at Kansas State University were the best five years of my life! Graduating from Kansas State is the proudest achievement of my life!

ed frankel (1963)

Honey Brook, Pa.

My life revolves around my education at K.S.U. Still practicing 50 years later. Thank you Kansas.

Matthew Fullerton

Great Bend, KS

Proud of the finest institution that fosters values and community in their curriculum. EMAW!

Susan Garcia (1980)

Sugar Land, Texas Go State Go!! Kkk-Sss-Uuuu WILDCATS!!!

Caleb Garten (2008)

Marshalltown, IA

I can't wait to see what is in store! I'm looking forward to it!

Wes Gaston (1991)

Overland Park, KS

My wife(KU Alum turned Wildcat fan)/I can't wait to celebrate our Alma Mater's history and future! See you there

John Gates (1967)

Anthony, Ks.

Sure a lot better football team now than then. Basketball is very good but K.U. is a thorn in the flesh. Have two boys which graduated from K-State.

Melissa Geisler (2008)

Manhattan, KS

Can't wait to celebrate! Go Cats!!

Brice Gilbert

United States

Congrats and here is to many, many more!

Brice Gilbert

United States

Congrats and here is to many, many more!

Kenneth Glover (1970)

Longmont, Colorado

I am proud to be a K-State graduate!

Drew Goering (2012)

Kansas City, MO

This will be Legit for sure!

Trisha Gott (2007)

Manhattan, KS

Happy Birthday Wildcats!

Victoria Graf (2003)


I will always cherish the time I spent at KSU and playing in the KSUMB!! Some of the best years of my life!! EMAW!!

Nichole Graham (2013)

Proud to be a Wildcat!

Steven Graham (1981)

Manhattan, KS

Can't wait for the big February kick-off weekend. Will be lots of fun!

Cindy Granzow Bontrager (1982)

Holton, KS

I feel so blessed to be working on the K-State campus in Anderson Hall after being on campus over 30 years ago. GO CATS!

D. Graves (2005)

St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

I'm proud to be a K-State grad, along with my brother and sister. We return to Manhattan (the happiest place on earth) as often as possible, and always wear purple wherever we are in the world.

Bethany Griffis (2015)

Manhattan, KS

Going to the games is always the most fun! Also seeing all your favorite basketball players at Hale getting coffee and just the all around pride and atmosphere of campus! KSU PROUD

Abby Guenther (2014)


Happy 150th birthday to the best university around! So exciting to be a student on campus and help everyone to celebrate! Go cats!

Bridgett H. (2002)

Olathe, KS

Congrats K-State & Happy Anniversary. Will never forget my time there; BEST school ever!

Waqar Haider (2013)

Moore Hall, 614

Just for Cultural Exchange Program but Enjoying K-state

Sarah Hancock (1994)

Westmoreland, KS

I love this campus and its land-grant mission, and I have fond memories of my student years. It is a privilege to work here!

Phillip Harner (2011)

Philadelphia, PA

Wouldn't miss it!

Bruce Hartwick (2006)

Overland Park Kansas

I had the time of my life at Kansas State University. I was a member of The Pride of Wildcat Land Marching Band and the memories I have will never fade. I am a Wildcat forever and am proud to say I am a graduate of Kansas State University.

Nathan Hawkinson


I remember when I took my Private Pilot Checkride with Bill Gross at the Salina Campus. I passed on the first shot. Thanks to Bill and K-State. Even though I am finishing up at UVU I am still a Wildcat at heart and still bleed purple! GO CATS!

Linda Haynes-Uthoff (1981)

Manhattan, Kansas

My Grandparents met at KSU over 100 years ago...proud to be a fourth generation family! Gpa played baseball & basketball for Mike Ahearn! Go State!

Jack Hayward (1951)

Canyon, TX

Wish I could be with you all. Looking forward to coming back for a ball game and playing in the KSU Alumni Band.

esther m. headrick

manhattan KS

How exciting to be part of this 150 years of celebration. EMAW

Jan (Hipple) Heath (1956)

Overland Park, KS

EVERYONE involved in the Sesquicentennial celebration at Kansas State should be commended for his/her tremendous work! The displays about K-State's history and the 30 Wildcat statues, plus the Gala were particularly outstanding.

Bruce Heckman (1969)

Waterford, MI

Wow, 150 years, what a great institution! We all owe you a debt of gratitude for a solid educational base and a terrific start on life. There's real substance to Purple Pride!

Richard Henry (1980)

Happy 150th Kansas State University!! Proud to be an alumni of this great school, and am proud of the progress the University has made since I was there. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!!

Carroll Hess

Manhattan, KS

Former Dean of College of Agriculture 1966-1980

Karen Hester (1991)

United States

Proud to be a Wildcat!

Jordan Hildebrand (2014)


I am so excited to be here for my dream school's 150th birthday! Thanks to K-State for being so amazing and for not disappointing this life-long Cat fan! I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing institution.

Grant Hill (2014)

Manhattan, KS

Cannot wait!

Clenece Hills (1957)

Lawrence Kansas

I attended K-State for my freshman and sophomore years, and then transferred to KU where I have received my bachelor's and master's degrees. I will always remember being in plays at K-State in the old theatre/auditorium that burned down. And Pi Beta Phi.

Rajiv Hingorani


I studied in the Ind Engg graduate program in 1985 and 1986 I will be visiting KSU this summer

Kye Hittle (1999)

Austin, TX

Congratulations to Kansas State! Here's to another 150!

Todd Holmberg

Proud to serve K-State and McCain Auditorium!

Dena Huff (2000)

Happy Birthday K-State! Love the wildcat statues. Can't wait to see all of them!

Osayi Igharo (2013)


Proud Wildcat.

Audrey Irick (1953)

Mission, KS Happy 150 to KSU. It is the Best!

Jon Isch (1959)

Sabetha, Ks

Proud to be a wildcat

M Yasin Janjua (2005)

Toronto, Canada

Wildcat Ho! I remember all those years, Economics Department in Waters Hall seemed like another home during the day. We studied, worked in computer lab and library, on 3rd floor. Lots of Memories.

Stephani Johns-Hines (1991)

Derby, KS

Wildcat Proud every single day!

Keith Johnson (1998)

Columbus, GA

I have always been proud to say that I went to Kansas State. Congratulations to the university, alumni, faculty, and students for making this a great university. Every Man a Wildcat!

Rick Johnson (1977)

Abilene, KS

Happy Birthday and Congratulations, K-State-The standard bearer of the academic world.

Lynne Johnson Callison (1985)

Wichita, KS

I look back fondly on my years at Kansas State and highly recommend it for a place to get a wonderful education!!

Roberta Johnson Robinson (1979)

Olathe, KS

As a KSU alum and now an employee, I am grateful for the opportunities I've had at K-State. I'm proud to be a Wildcat! Happy 150th Birthday, and Go Cats!

Samone Jolly (1975)

Lawrenceville, NJ

Congratulations to Kansas State University for 150 years of excellence in higher education. Graduating from KSU is a tradition in my family. Proud to be a WILDCAT! GO CATS!!

Gregg Joyal (2009)


Congrats K-State on 150! So proud to say I'm a Wildcat!

Virginia J. (Gaume) Joyce (1963)

Manhattan, Kansas Always a Wildcat!! Congratulations on 150 years!

Nabeeha Kazi (1991)

Washington, DC

We are excited to celebrate KSU and see our friends, mentors and professors! GO CATS!

Casey Keller (2015)

Manhattan, KS

Happy 150th, K-State! I'm so proud to call you home.

Kerri Keller (2012)

Manhattan, KS

Glad to be part of the K-State family! Happy 150th!

Md Mahmudur Rahman Khan

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Congrats K-State! Proud to be being a part of KSU!! Wish to be there as a K-Stater!!!

Megan Kilgore (2000)

Manhattan, KS


Rachel King (2013)

Wichita, KS

Happy Birthday, K-State! You have been, are and will forever be the best decision that I ever made!

James Kirk (1962)

Scott City, Kansas Wonderful memories and friendships that continue to this day.

Ben Kohl (2005)


It is an honor and a privilege to serve students and families at the best university in the world, Kansas State University, in the best place in the world, Manhattan, Kansas.

Andrew Kohls

Manhattan, KS

Just started working here and already in love! Psyched to be here for the 150th!! :)

Nancy Kruse

Manhattan, KS

Happy Birthday! Great job preparing for this wonderful celebration!!

Cheryl Kruse Zreet (1983)

Dallas Texas

Happy Birthday KSU! Proud to be an alumni.

Yvette Lanata (2013)

Claflin apartments

Les Lankhorst (1990)


Countless wonderful memories at K-State. But I'd have to say one the top one's would be camping out all night outside Ahearn Stadium for Season Basketball tickets with my best friend Shaun. Nothing like it. LOVE YOU K-State!

Ellesha LeCluyse (2012)

Cleveland, OH


Hong Lee (2003)

Overland Park, KS

Happy 150th Kansas State University! Great decisions, great memories turned into a prosperous future. Blessed! Followed by my younger sibling keeping the KSU tradition alive in our family! Go Cats!

Misty Lester (2002)

Topeka, KS

So many great memories of K-State...as a child growing up in the area and as a student. I was on campus on 9/11/2001 and I will never forget the awesome patriotism across campus in the days and weeks following. KSU proud!!

Obed Letsela (1980)

Maseru Lesotho Happy 150th anniversary, K-State! I graduated in Ag Engineering from K-State, and spent very happy 4 years in Manhattan, ks. Viva KSU, viva wildcats!

Duane Levin (1963)

Versailles, MO

I was at the 100 Year Celebration in 1963 and remember the faculty processing in academic robes. The celebration was fantastic! Best wishes for the next 150 years!

Kari Lindeen (2011)

Randolph, KS

There is no university like K-State. I am lucky to continue to be a part of it. Happy 150th!

Melissa Linenberger (2010)

Manhattan, KS

I've worked at K-State for 10 years, also an alumna. I wouldn't miss it!

Larry Loomis (1963)

Manhattan, KS

I retired Dec. 31, 2003. We moved to Manhattan for our retirement years. Hopefully, many of my college friends will return for the celebration.

Jim Luck (1994)

Topeka, KS

I have bled purple since I was a small boy listening to K-State Basketball on the radio when Lon Krueger was playing. EMAW

Patrice Lyon

Washington State

KSU is one of a kind! Go Wildcats!

Norman Mah (1982)

Lees Summit, MO

I'd love to come celebrate. EMAW!!!

Roberta Maldonado Franzen (2000)

Manhattan, KS

I am looking forward to the celebration!

Mary Jane Malko (1975)

Centre Island, NY

Happy 150th anniversary Proud to be a Wildcat

Matt Marchesini (2012)

Manhattan, KS

Excited to be working with prospective students on campus during the sesquicentennial year!

Max & Kathy Martin (1967)

Clay Center, KS

Max was a linebacker. Kathy was a cheerleader. They met & married, were blessed with three daughters, who all attended & graduated from Kansas State University! They married guys who did, too. Now a grandson will be going! Our family bleeds purple!

Melanie Massey (2007)

Indianapolis, IN

I was born and raised a wildcat, and definitely bleed purple. I was lucky enough to go to college at KSU. I can truly say I have purple pride, and hopefully can pass that along to kids so they can be part of something great too!

Angie Matthews Wilkinson (2000)

Fort Worth, Texas

Thank you K-State! You are at the heart of my greatest memories and are responsible for putting the best people in my life! Not to mention the impact my K-State education has had on me and those around me! Faithful to the colors I shall ever be!

Susan Matzke (2011)

Randolph Kansas

Happy 150th! And wish for many more years to come. Love working at this university and working with all the students.

Dan McBride (1976)

United States

Proud to be a Wildcat! My wife and I both graduated in 1976. My daughter graduated in 2005 and my son graduated in 2008. Carrying on the tradition.

Alycia McClarty (2013)

Manhattan, KS

So glad to be part of this event! Proud to be a Wildcat!

Warren McElroy (1975)

Signal Hill, CA

Thank you KSU for providing the opportunity to obtain a degree in Civil Engineering. (although I have spent my entire career in Aerospace) I still bleed purple! Go Cats!

Molly McGaughey (1995)

Manhattan, KS

Great place to live, work and root for!

Miiles McKee (1951)

Manhattan, KS

Come join in the fun!

Miles McKee (1951)

Manhattan, KS

Come join in the fun!

Amy McLemore (1993)

Wamego, KS

Once a wildcat...always a wildcat!

Eric and Jackie McManaman (1989)

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

How we miss our beloved University! Can't wait to be in good ole Manhattan again! Congrats to KSU.

Claudia McVicker (1973)

Lenexa, KS

I graduated in Elementary Education in '73 after a wonderful 4 years. But, K-State gave me opportunity to earn a Ph.D. In 2000 & the day I walked into Bluemont Hall to teach my first class, I was so thrilled to be back on campus, I cried for this KSU gift

Jim Mengarelli (1976)

Girard, Kansas

K-State was and still is the greatest University for student friendly faculty. It was the faculty that made such a difference in my life. GO CATS.

David Mickey (1966)

Hove, East Sussex, England

Also received my doctorate in 1973

Mary Midgett


Some of best days of my life in Pol. Sc

Nick Moeder (2013)


It's a great time to be a Wildcat! Can't wait to celebrate.

Susan Huddlestun Mollnow (1994)

Tok, Alaska

We won't be able to be there, but we'll be celebrating K-State's 150th right along with everyone else!

Antonieta Morales (2012)


It is an honor to be call wildcat!!! Wonderful memories at the Campus and in the beautiful Manhattan, I will never forget my time there and the friends I made.

Lowell A Moser (1961)

Effingham, Kansas

When the basketball games were in Ahearn

Audrey Mross (1980)

Dallas, TX

Happy Birthday K-State! You are the gift that keeps on giving . . . from the education received, which helps to make a living, to the wonderful friendships that multiply over the years, which help to make a wonderful life!

Tom Mulvany (1970)

Golden, CO

I am proud to be a K-State graduate and a former US Army officer from the KSU ROTC program. Keep up the good work Wildcats! What a great campus community. Happy 150th!!

Mary Anne Murray Simons (1979)

Prairie Village, Kansas

I share a three generation legacy of Kansas State graduates with my father and daughter. My Dad, Ed Murray, graduated from K-State in 1950 and my daughter, Molly Simons, graduated in 2010. Happy Anniversary to our university!

Virg Musil (1968)

Centennial, CO

Although I have lived in Colorado more than 40 years, my blood still runs purple. Congratulations to a great institution.

anurag muthyam (2013)

manhattna, Ks

I love k-state full well!

Jack Neal (1950)


Connie Neises (1985)

Overland Park, KS

150 years!!!!! So Proud to be a Wildcat!!! EMAW!

Glenn Neises (1986)

Overland Park, KS

Go Cats!

Marti Newell

Charlotte, NC

So proud of K-State's leaders, students and programs. My Willie Wildcat brick came with me from Texas and sits by my front door. Go Cats!

Ryan & Ashley Newton (2008)

Tampa, FL

We fell in love with K-State, fell in love at K-State and forever will bleed purple!

Saima Sharif Nilla

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Congratulations to K-State on 150 years success!

Kristi Northcutt

Olathe, KS

So proud to be a K-Stater by profession, at the university's new Olathe campus! Can't wait to celebrate!

Manuel Novas-Garcia (2015)

Manhattan KS

As citizens of the future we must embrace every possibility. No limitations, no boundaries. There is not reason for them.

Mary Lou Odle (1981)

Salina, KS Graduate and worked for K-State Research & Extension. Great University. Proud First land grant U. Happy Birthday!

Rose Ogutu (2008)

Dover, DE

Happy 150th birthday. I loved my time at KSU-amazing friends and professors. I will forever miss the HFRR greenhouses.


NASHVILLE, Tn Proud to be a part of 150 years of tradition and excellence. Anthony Olberding Class of 88


NASHVILLE, Tn Proud to be a part of 150 years of tradition and excellence. Anthony Olberding Class of 88

vern Osborne (1961)

Cheyenne, Wyoming

So many wonderful traditions to celebrate - wish I could be there.

Glen Owen (1971)

Springboro, Ohio

EMAW from Ohio!!!

Jennyfer Owensby (1998)

Manhattan, KS

I was raised to be a Jayhawk as a child by two KU alumni parents. However, we moved to Manhattan in the 80's & K-State won my heart. I will forever be a wildcat, much to my family's dismay! CONGRATS CATS!

Reed Pankratz (2012)

Boulder, CO

I don't need much of a reason to make it back to Manhattan. This is certainly worth it!

Darci Paull (2006)

Manhattan, KS

One of the best decisions I ever made was attending K-State. Always proud to be a Wildcat!

Patty Pedersen (2008)

Rawlins, Wyoming

Congratulations, I wish I could be there to hear Carol Burnett, she was a childhood favorite.

Susan Peterson (1976)


Happy 150 years. K-State is a truly special place.

Dave and Marty Piotrowsky (1970)

Ottawa, KS

We met in botany lecture class and after 42 years we are still married. Dave from NJ, Marty from KS if not for that class, what are the odds we'd have ever met.

Matthew Poje (2010)

Kansas City

K-State Proud!

Dr Tim Poling (1963)

St Francis,Ks Best years of my life. I have always said I would not take one million for any year of college. Now 20 million maybe. Loved the week of pre=fraternity pledging

Julie Porter

Manhattan Ks

I have been with Kansas-st Un for 25yrs has a custodial I love my Job alot and i am proud of our College.

Morgan Powell (1965)

Manhattan and Concordia

The grand kick off was a splendid celebration. Congratulations to thoes who planned and executed it. KSU is dear to my heart from the time I was in grade and high school through over 30 years on the faculty. Happy 150!!!

Jordan Priddle (2013)


Proud to be a Wildcat! Here's to another year at the best and happiest place on earth!

Virginia Quiring

Bryan/ College Sta, TX

Wonderful years as a K-State librarian & administrator; became a Wildcat forever!!

Laine Raitinger (2012)

Topeka, KS

Happy 150 K-State! I will never forget my time there. EMAW!

Ronald Reed (1975)

Austin, Texas

I'd love to see some of my old Pride of Wildcat Land Band members...

Jean Reehling (1962)

Tulsa, OK

I have many fond memories of KSU, both as a student and from working as Asst. Dean of Human Ecology.

Dana Reinert (2001)

Olathe, KS

Happy Birthday, K-State! 150 years and counting... Here's to many more years to come. Cheers! (B.A. in 2001, M.A. in 2004, currently staff at K-State Olathe)

Dan Richardson (1977)

Topeka, KS

Great to be a KSU alum and proud of the rich 150 year history!

Fayne Ritterhouse (1950)

Hutchinson, KS Still proud to be a Wildcat and have several offspring who have graduated from K-State.

Kathy Ritterhouse (1974)

Grand Prairie, Texas

Loved my years in the Little Apple. Still a fan. I decorate a K-State tree every year at Christmas and go to games when I can. As many have already said, I'm proud to be a Wildcat!

Terry Ritterhouse Christner (1976)

Hutchinson, KS

Loved my years at K-State! I make it back occasionally for games or to sight-see with family and friends. As others have said, I bleed purple -- and half my wardrobe is purple, as is our den. Congrats on 150 years.

Madaí Rivera (2007)

Wildcat Land

I love my University and fellow Wildcats! Let the celebration begin! ~WE ARE K-STATE~

Steven Robinson (1983)

10940 South Barker Road, Olathe, KS 66061

Congratulations K-State on the 150 year Anniversary and the Big XII Football Championship!

Jordan Rogers (2014)

Manhattan, KS

I'm very pleased to be attending Kansas State University during this amazing milestone. Congrats to 150 and here's to the years to come!

Janet Rose

Frankfort, Kansas

Congratulations K-State on your 150th anniversary. Retired in 2009 and very proud to have been a part of KSU as an employee for 25 years. A great place to work.

Shon Ruffin (2013)

The K-State life is the best life! I wouldn't change the past 5 years for anything! :)

Cynthia Sanders (2011)

Williamsburg, VA

Glad to be a part of KSU's history!

Madeline Sanders (2017)

It has already been a great three years in undergrad! Can't wait to spend the next four in Vet School at K-State!

Doug Scarborough (2012)

Florence, SC

Proud to be a K-State grad! The Wildcat presence is all around, even in South Carolina.

William B Schreiber (1969)

Ocala, Florida

Back when I graduated from KSU basketball was the only sport we played competivily. Now, KSU purple white is competitive in all sports it plays, go purple white.

Debbie Schulte


K-State Proud parent of a 2009 KSU graduate

Jack R. (Bob) Scott (1963)

Tulsa, Ok.

KSU certainly prepared me for what was to come my way. Retired from American Airlines Engineering Dept. after 30 years. Happy 150th.

Shagun Sharma


Happy B'day K-state.

Susan Shipman (1988)

Manhattan, KS

This is going to be a fun weekend! Put it on your calendar!

Jessica Simosa (2007)


I will always be grateful to k-state for giving me the opportunity to play tennis representing the university during my college years and at the same time giving me access to a great education and life experiences. I will never forget what you did for me!

Rick Skaggs

Overland Park, Kansas

An adopted Wildcat wishes you a happy 150th. Married a Wildcat and have two Wildcat sons. EMAW!

Jenae Skelton (2010)


Bachelor's degree in Agronomy 2010. I am so proud to be a Wildcat!! I bleed Purple no matter where I go!! Happy 150th K-State!! EMAW!!

Ned Snead (1980)


Still watch and root for the Cats!

Wen Song


Hey, I came from China! it's a great honor to celebrate the 150th anniversary with all the K-Staters. Go Cats! EMAW!

Christopher Southwick (1978)

United States

Wonderful University and 3 daughters enrolled currently

Taylor Stands (2011)

Dallas TX

One of my favorite memories is when we beat KU on Valentines day. That was the best way to celebrate! I wouldn't trade the years I had there for the world. I made the best of friends that will be in my life forever. Proud to be a Wildcat! EMAW!

John Steele (1962)

Overland Park, KS

1955-1962 were a great experience for a Kansas farm boy. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat. Retired Architect.

Bill Stephans (1967)

Wichita, Kansas

Happy Anniversery, K-State Go Cats

Marjorie Stephans (1967)

Wichita, Kansas

Go Cats

Maggie Stephens (2011)

Manhattan, KS

I know a spot that I love full well.

Debbie Stiffler


My daughter is a freshman there this year and proud to say it!

Denise Sullivan (1983)

Leavenworth, KS

Great school...great memories...great celebration!

Lukas Sundahl (2006)

Overland Park, KS

I loved my time at Kansas State! EMAW!!!

Sydney Sutherland (2011)

Overland Park, KS

Go Cats!

Richard Teichgraeber (1964)

Fort Worth, TX

My affection for K-State grows more each year! I cherish the memories, past and present, and enjoy my annual visits to the campus. Happy 150th Birthday and best wishes for the future - K-State 2025!

William Thomas (1988)

Cessna Aircraft; Maize KS


Rosalie Thompson (1949)

Manhattan, Kansas I'm always proud to be a Wildcat.

Sara Thurston-Gonzalez

Manhattan, KS

Can't wait for all the activities!

Bob Tointon (1955)

Greeley, Colorado

Gary Toliver (1974)

Columbia, MO

Proud that my Alma Mater is THE Kansas State University. Every Man A Wildcat! Go State!

Gwen Tomas (1972)

Topeka, KS

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!! Go State!

Roger Townley (1975)

I know a spot that I love full well and it's K-State and Aggieville and Manhattan. Happy 150th, KSU.

Megan Umscheid (2008)

St. George, KS

I am looking forward to all 150th events--the kickoff weekend will be historical!

Susana Valdovinos

Topeka, Kansas

K-State, a hidden treasure, no more! Happy first sesquicentennial!

Paul Vassos (1998)

Marshall, MO

Double win! Romantic weekend in Manhattan with wife and celebration for KSU!

Rafael Villanueva (1991)

Lima, Perú

Good time at KSU. Proud to be a Wildcat.

Adena Wallace (1992)

Fort Worth, Texas

Whole Family is Bleeding Purple! Proud of Everything KSU has built over the past 150 years!! We are getting stronger & stronger!

Bill Ward (1983)

Plano, Texas

Happy Birthday K-State! Proud to be a Wildcat! What a tremendous impact you have had on this country and this world. Thank you for the many wonderful memories and the gift of a world class education. EMAW!

Ty Warner

Michigan City, Indiana

Congratulations to the university with heart as big as the region and spirit as vast as the Flint Hills itself. It was a blessing to have been part of the K-State community. I'll be wearing my purple as you celebrate... Happy 150th, KSU!

Brandy Weber (2001)

Seneca, KS

Happy 150th KSU!

Doug Weber (1978)

Phoenix, Arizona

I was proud to wear the purple and white when I ran track for KSU. Continue to be thrilled that I have an instant connection, anywhere in the world, when I learn someone is from K-State.

David Welfelt (1974)

Newton, KS

Excited to be a part of the celebration!

Kelsey Welliver (2015)

Manhattan, KS

I've received a wonderful education. Thank you Kansas State University.

Jessica Whitson (2000)

Dallas, TX

Proud to be a Wildcat!

Kelley Wild (2011)

Manhattan, KS

Currently working on my masters degree at K-State and received my undergraduate in 2011. I love K-State and the family and community that comes with being a wildcat!

Adam Wilkerson

Columbia, MO

Recently turned a Wildcat! Forever will be a Wildcat! God Bless This Wonderful University So Many Call Home! #Family #EMAW

Adam Wilkerson

Columbia, MO

Recently turned a Wildcat! Forever will be a Wildcat! God Bless This Wonderful University So Many Call Home! #Family #EMAW

Judy Macy Willingham (1970)


We are a K-State family, beginning with a great-uncle who played football back in the 'teens. That makes my kids at least 4th generation Wildcats, and I hope for my grandchildren to continue the tradition. GO 'CATS!!!

Greg and Marcia Wilson (1978)

Abilene, KS

Proud graduates of Kansas State University! The tradition continues with our daughters Hannah and Hillary graduating in 2007 and 2011.

Zackary Wimer


Had an amazing year there(11/12). If given the opportunity I would go back any day. EMAW!!!

Jessica Wise (2013)

Ghent, Belgium

K-State pride from overseas!

Ryne Witt (2008)

Elmdale, KS

Blessed to have two bachelor degree and way more memories from this great University.

Judy Wolf - Donnelly (1988)

Kansas City

K-State was such an integral part of my life. It was a great education and a great time. Congrats on 150 years!

Jessica Wright

Manhattan, KS

A new K-State employee and new to the Manhattan area. I love it here! I am already bleeding purple! So excited to be a part of this celebration! GO CATS!

Andrew Zender (2005)

Manhattan, Kan.

It's a great time to be a Wildcat. Looking forward to seeing many K-Staters come to Manhattan for this celebration.

Eula {Geist} Kittle (1957)

Liberal Kansas

It is great to be a Wildcat. I have followed the footbal and basketball programs for many years. My daughters graduated from there. I have attended many to the bowl games over the years great fun.Happy 150th.