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Women's Studies Department


What happens in an advising meeting:

  1. Students come with their DARS report so that their progress on requirements of the major, college, and university can be monitored;
  2. Students and advisors discuss what courses and/or experiences are lacking in the achievement of the requirements
  3. A plan is made for the next semester that is based on the goal of achieving all of the requirements by graduation.

Advising Preparation Checklist:

  1. Preview course offerings for the upcoming semester: Courses.
  2. Read descriptions of classes and note prerequisites in the KSU catalog: Catalog.
  3. Find out when you can enroll by checking in the "Enrollment" section on iSIS or on the enrollment time chart for the upcoming semester, which can be found on the Courses website: iSIS; Courses.
  4. Print off a copy of your DARS report, which can be found on iSIS under the "Degree Progress/Graduation" section: iSIS.
  5. Get activated with Career and Employment Services: Career and Employment Services.
  6. *Prior to advising an e-mail will be sent to all students letting them know how to schedule appointments with their advisor. Advising times fill quickly. If you need to cancel, please call or e-mail your advisor to let them know.

Note: *If you do not know who your advisor is, please see the advising lists posted on the bulletin board outside of 3 Leasure Hall.  You will also find information on how to contact your advisors on the board outside of 3 Leasure Hall. If you cannot find your name on any of the advisor lists, contact Kim Garver at 532-5738 for assistance