Women's Studies Faculty

Gabriela Diaz de Sabates, Instructor

101A Leasure Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 11am to 12pm & by appointment

Instructor of Women's Studies Department. BS 1989, University of Buenos Aires; MA 1994, Harvard University. Research interests: gender, ethnicity and race; Latinas' cultural and gender identity, academic achievement and oral stories.

Dr. Torry Dickinson, Professor

3A Leasure Hall
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 11:20am to 12:30pm & Wednesday 8:20am to 9:20am or by appointment
phone: 785-532-7781

BA 1975, Livingston College, Rutgers University; MA 1977, PhD 1983, State University of New York, Binghamton. Research interests: global sociology of women; women and work; women and public policy.

Dr. Angela Hubler, Associate Professor

101C Leasure Hall
Office Hours: Wednesday 1:30pm to 4pm, Thursday 2:30pm to 3:30pm and by appointment
phone: 785-532-3293

BA 1985, College of Wooster; MA 1986, PhD 1992, Duke University. Research interests: Marxism, Feminism, Literature, and Girls' Studies.

Dr. Michele Janette, Department Head, Women's Studies & Associate Professor of English

3D Leasure Hall
Office Hours:Wednesday 1:30pm to 2:30pm & by appointment
phone: 785-532-5739

BA 1988, MA 1991, MPhil 1993, PhD 1997, Yale University. Research interests: Vietnamese American Literature and film; Asian American literature; cultural studies; film.

Dr. Valerie Padilla Carroll, Assistant Professor

3B Leasure Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 11am to 12pm & by appointment
phone: 785-532-6047

BA 1994, University of Texas at San Antonio; MA 1997, PhD 2005, St. Louis University. Research interests: Intersections of gender, race/ethnicity and class, environmental justice and environmentalism, gender and popular culture.

Dr. Shireen Roshanravan, Assistant Professor

101B Leasure Hall
Office Hours: Friday's 11:30am to 1:30pm & by appointment
phone: 785-532-3164

BA 2000, Southwestern University; MA 2002, PhD 2007, Binghamton University. Research interests: Feminist of color theory, Asian American studies, critical race theory.

Dr. Tushabe, Assistant Professor

108 Leasure Hall
Office Hours: Monday's 1:30pm to 2:30pm & by appointment
phone: 785-532-2282

Ph.D., SUNY Binghamton, Philosophy, 2008, Graduate Certificate in Feminist Theory, 2008. M.A., Texas Woman's University, Women's Studies, 2005. Research interests: Global sexual identities, African cultures and philosophy, colonialism and post-colonial theories, critical race theory.