Women's Studies Faculty

Core Faculty:

DIAZ DE SABATES, GABRIELA,  Instructor of Women's Studies.
BS 1989, University of Buenos Aires; MA 1994, Harvard University.
Research interests: gender, ethnicity and race; Latinas' cultural and gender identity, academic achievement and oral stories.

DICKINSON, TORRY, Professor of Women's Studies.
BA 1975, Livingston College, Rutgers University; MA 1977, PhD 1983, State University of New York, Binghamton.
Research interests: global sociology of women; women and work; women and public policy.

HUBLER, ANGELA, Associate Professor of Women's Studies.
BA 1985, College of Wooster; MA 1986, PhD 1992, Duke University.
Research interests: Marxism, Feminism, Literature, and Girls' Studies.

JANETTE, MICHELE,  Department Head, Women's Studies & Associate Professor of English.
BA 1988, MA 1991, MPhil 1993, PhD 1997, Yale University.
Research interests: Vietnamese American Literature and film; Asian American literature; cultural studies; film.

PADILLA CARROLL, VALERIE, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies.
BA 1994, University of Texas at San Antonio; MA 1997, PhD 2005, St. Louis University.
Research interests: Intersections of gender, race/ethnicity and class, environmental justice and environmentalism, gender and popular culture.

SARMIENTO, TOM, Visiting Lecturer of Women's Studies.
BA, BS 2005, University of California, San Diego; PhD 2014, University of Minnesota, American Studies, Minor in Feminist and Critical Studies.
Research interests: feminist and queer of color theories; Filipina/o/American literature and cultural studies; Critical Midwestern Studies; Asian American Studies; cultures of US imperialism.

SINGER, BENJAMIN, Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies.
BA 1990, MA 1993, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; PhD 2011, Rutgers University.
Research interests: Feminist and Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory; Transgender Studies, Transnational Sexualities and Genders; Narrative Medicine, Critical Medical Studies; Science Studies and Bioethics; Biopolitics; Ethnographic and Participatory research Methods; HIV, Harm Reduction and Public Health.

TUSHABE, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies.
2008. M.A., Texas Woman's University, Women's Studies, 2005; PhD, SUNY Binghamton, Philosophy, 2008, Graduate Certificate in Feminist Theory. Research interests: Global sexual identities, African cultures and philosophy, colonialism and post-colonial theories, critical race theory.

Affiliated Faculty:

ANTONIOLI, KATHLEEN, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. PhD Romance Studies, Duke University. Research Interests:  Modern French literature, literary history, the sociology of literature, theories of modernism, women's writing, feminist theory, Québec literature and theories of francophone literature.

BAIRD, CHARDIE, Associate Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work. BS 1996, Sociology, College of Charleston; MS 2000, Sociology, Florida State University; PhD 2005, Sociology, Florida State University.  Research interests: Youth and the Life course, gender and work; work and the family.

BHATTACHARYA, KAKALI, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership. BS 1995, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada; MS 2000, Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, IL; PhD 2005, University of Georgia, Athens. Research interests: De/colonizing epistemologies, social and organizational context of transnational education and gender, qualitative inquiry, social foundation of higher education in the U.S., gender, race and ethnic studies in education, technology-integrated learning and social environments.

BREEN, LOUISE, Associate Professor and Department Chair of History. PhD 1993, University of Connecticut. Research interests: Colonial American History, Puritanism, American Revolution.

BRIMHALL, TRACI, Assistant Professor of English. BA 2003, Florida State University; MFA 2008, Sarah Lawrence College; PhD 2014 Western Michigan University. Research Interests: 20th-century American Women poets working in hybrid forms; creative writing.

CHRONISTER, NECIA, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. BA, 2003, University of Oklahoma Honors College; MA 2006, Washington University in St. Louis; PhD 2011, Washington State University in St. Louis. Research interests: 20th and 21st century literature, film and popular culture with an emphasis on literature and film post-1989; German women's writing; gender and queer theory; feminist theory and methodology; multicultural studies; memory studies.

COOPER, CORA, Professor of Music. BM 1978, University of Vermont; MM 1982, Eastman School of Music; DM 1992, Florida State University. Research interests: Violin music by women composers.

DEPAOLI, MARÍA TERESA, Associate Professor of Spanish, Modern Languages. PhD 2001, Purdue University.

DINKEL, JANICE, Associate Professor and Director of Social Work. BSW 1976, MSW 1978, University of Kansas.

DODD, ELIZABETH C., Professor of English. BA 1983, Ohio University; MFA 1986, PhD 1989, Indiana University. Research interests: 20th-century American and British women writers; creative writing.

EARLES, BEVERLEY, Associate Director of English Language Program. DipTESL 1979, PhD 1989, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand.

FALCONE, JESSICA, Associate Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work. MA in Development Anthropology from George Washington University; PhD 2010 in Sociocultural Anthropology, Cornell University.

FIALDINI ZAMBRANO, ROSSANA, Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. MA 2006, McGill University, PhD 2012, McGill Univeristy, Montreal Canada. Research interests: Contemporary Spanish Theatre, particularly women playwrights, interested in beginning a mega project focused on Contemporary Spanish Theatre and its role as an active dialogist to Contemporary social problematic, with special attention on issues related to gender violence, gender discrimination and gender identity constructions

FINE, LEIGH, Visiting Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies. BS 2005, Kansas State University; MA 2007, University of Delaware; MA 2008, The Ohio State University; PhD 2012, The Ohio State University.

FRANCHITTI, ABBY, Curriculum and Assessment Director of English Language Program. BA 1968, New York State University College at New Paltz; MA 1971, University of Tours, France; PhD 2006, University of Tours, France. Research interests: Women's Suffrage and anti-suffrage movements.

FRITCH, MELIA ERIN, Assistant Professor of Undergraduate and Community Services Hale Library. BA 2000, Chadron State College; MA 2004, Kansas State University, MLS 2010, Emporia State University.

GONZÁLEZ, TANYA, Associate Professor of English. BA 1995, Scripps College; MA 2000, PhD 2004, University of California Riverside. Research interests: Chicana and U.S. Latina literature and popular culture.

GOTT, TRISHA, Assistant Director for Service-Learning of School of Leadership Studies. BA 2007, Kansas State University; MS 2011, Kansas State University.

HEDRICK, DONALD K., Professor of English. BA 1969, University of Kansas; MA 1972, PhD 1974, Cornell University. Research interests: Shakespeare and the Renaissance cultural studies; theories of language, gender, sociolinguistics; feminist criticism; film and popular culture.

JANKE, RHONDA R., Associate Professor of Hort., Forestry, and Recreation Resources, Ext. Spec., Sustainable Cropping Systems. BS 1980, Kansas State University; MS 1984, PhD 1987, Cornell University.

KANOST, LAURA, Associate Professor of Spanish. BA 2001, Kansas State University; MA 2003, PhD 2007, University of Kansas. Research interests: Disability studies, women writers, translation, and service learning

KARLIN, KATHERINE, Associate Professor of English. MFA 2004, University of Pittsburgh, PhD 2009, University of Southern California.

KAZEMI, RANIN, Assistant Professor of History.  BA 2002, Middle Tennessee State University; MA 2005, Ohio State University, M.Ph and MA 2008, PhD 2012, Yale University.  Research Interests: social and environmental History; subaltern groups in the Middle East and North Africa; women, gender, and sexuality in Islam.

KNOBLAUCH, ABBY, Associate Professor of English.  PhD 2008, University of New Hampshire. Research interests: The intersection of gender languague, and power; maverick rhetorics; and teacher development.

KURTZ, DONALD, Associate Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work. BSW 1997, Washburn University; MSW 1999, University of Kansas; PhD 2006, Kansas State University.

LEADER-PICONE, CAMERON, Assistant Professor of English. BA 2003, Yale University; MA 2006, PhD 2009, Harvard University.

LEHEW, MELODY. Associate Professor of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design. BS in Textiles and Clothing, The Ohio State University, 1986. MS in Textiles and Clothing, The Ohio State University, 1989. PhD. in Retail and Consumer Sciences, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1996.

LONGMUIR, ANNE, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Instructional Technology of English. MA 1996, PhD 2003, University of Edinburgh.

LULY, SARA, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. BA 2002, State University of New York; MA 2004, Michigan State University, PhD 2011, The Ohio State University.

MATLOCK, WENDY, Associate Professor of English. PhD 2003, Ohio State University. Research interests: medival studies and renaissance literature and humanities, British literature, and women in literature; the cultural significance of Middle English debate poems from the thirteenth through fifteenth centuries.

MCCREA, HEATHER, Associate Professor of History. PhD, Stony Brook University, 2002. Research interests: Colonial and Modern Mexico; Peasant and Indigenous Studies; History of Public Health, Medicine and Disease, and Environmental History

MILLÁN, ISABEL, Visiting Instructor in American Ethnic Studies.  BA 2004, University of California, Santa Barbara; MA 2007, San Francisco State University; PhD 2013 University of Michigan. Research Interests: Chicana/o, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies; critical race, transnational feminist, and queer theories; children's literature, television, film and comics; new media/digital technologies and digital literacies; science fiction and fantasy.

MUTURI, NANCY, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications. BA 1989, MA 1998, University of Iowa; PhD 2002, University of South Carolina. Research interests: Gender and health communication with a focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, communication & social change.

NEL, PHILIP W., Professor of English. BA 1992, University of Rochester; MA 1993, PhD 1997, Vanderbilt University.

NELSON, BONNIE A., Associate Professor of English. BA 1965, City College of New York; MAT 1967, City University of New York; PhD 1981, Pennsylvania State University. Research interests: Feminism and the Enlightenment; Restoration.

PAKASTE, MERVI, Assistant Professor of Art. MFA 2004, Penn State University; BFA 2000, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

PANKL, LIS, Associate Professor of K-State Libraries. BA 1999, Washington State University; MA 2001, Abilene Christian University; MLS 2005, University of North Texas; PhD Candidate, Kansas State University. Research interests: Frida Kahlo; Embodied Geographies; Cultural/Critical Geography.

ROBERTSON, DWANNA, Assistant Professor of American Ethnic Studies. BA 2001, University of Central Oklahoma; 2003 MBA, East Tennessee State University; 2010 MS, Oklahoma State University; 2012 Graduate Certificate in Native American Indian Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; 2013 PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Research interests:  American Indian Studies, Race and Ethnicity,  Social Inequality, Public Sociology, Social Stratification and  Federal Indian Policy.

ROSHANRAVAN, SHIREEN, Associate Professor of American Ethnic Studies. BA 2000, Southwestern University; MA 2002, PhD 2007, Binghamton University. Research interests: Feminist of color theory, and critical race theory.

SHAPKINA, NADIA, Assistant Professor of Sociology. MA, Saratov State Technical University (Russia); PhD 2008, Georgia State University.

SPEARS, JACQUELINE, Interim Associate Dean for Academic and Research Programs, Olathe. BS 1969, MS 1972, PhD 1988, Kansas State University. Research interests: contextual issues in education, focus on gender, rurality and ethnicity.

TATONETTI, LISA, Associate Professor of English. PhD 2001, Ohio State University. Research interests: cultural studies, ethnic literature (Native American) and women's studies.

THURSTON, LINDA P, Assistant Dean and Professor of Education. BS 1967, Baker University; MS 1975, University of Texas; PhD 1977, University of Kansas.  Research interests: low-income families; rural issues; parent training, single parent families.

TOLAR, MARY H., Director & Assistant Professor of School of Leadership Studies. BA Kansas State University, M Litt Oxford Univerisity, EdD Kansas State University. Research interests: art and practice of civic leadership development, women’s pathways to public service leadership, undergraduate leadership development through applied learning.

VALENZUELA, NORMA, Visiting Instructor for American Ethnic Studies. BUS 1997, University of New Mexico; Albuquerque, MA 2004 and PhD 2011, Arizona State University. Research interests: Intersections of race/ethnicity, class and gender in

VELLENGA, JENNIFER, Assistant Professor and Program Director, School of Music, Theater, Dance. BFA, Acting, University of Miami; MFA, Directing, Ohio University.

WHEATLEY, ALISON E., Associate Professor of English, Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences. AB 1974, Barnard College; MA 1980, PhD 1994, University of Virginia.

WOOD, NAOMI, Associate Professor of English. PhD 1991, Duke University. Research interests: children's literature; Victorian studies; gender and feminist theory.

YELICH BINIECKI, SUSAN, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership. 

ZSCHOCHE, SUE, Associate Professor of History. BA 1970, Emporia State University; MA 1974, East Texas State; PhD 1984, University of Kansas. Research interests: American women's history; history of female reform in the Progressive period; history of domestic violence.