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Women's Studies Department

About Women's Studies

Women's Studies analyzes how and why gender and related institutions of inequality have been created and are being transformed in our local-to-global society. It examines the ways that gender as a social institution is one of the major ways in which society is organized and particularly focuses on understanding women's lives and status in society, attending to the ways that they are shaped by the major interlocking institutions of difference: gender/sexuality, "race"/ethnicity, class, and global inequality. Women's Studies considers women and their contribution to society and the various disciplines. Viewing knowledge as empowering, Women's Studies has the goal of integrating theory and practice to redefine cultures and material relationships so as to eliminate gender inequality and other forms of hierarchy. In the classroom, Women's Studies faculty members foster an interactive learning environment and encourage students to consider their own experiences in relation to course content. Women's studies classes are relevant to women and men because an understanding of gender benefits everyone.

The Women's Studies Department at Kansas State University is broadly-based and interdisciplinary with courses offered in many different fields across the university. Disciplines currently represented are Anthropology, Art, Education, English, Family Studies and Human Services, History, Journalism and Mass Communication, Leadership Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

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