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Vice President for Administration and Finance

Work group members

Weapons Advisory Work Group

  • Cindy Bontrager, vice president for administration and finance
  • Pat Bosco, vice president for student life and dean of students
  • Ronnie Grice, assistant vice president for university police and public safety
  • Fred Guzek, Faculty Senate president
  • Jessica Van Ranken, Student Governing Association president
  • Jeff Morris, vice president for communications and marketing
  • Jim Muller, K-State Athletics director of facilities maintenance
  • Craig Beardsley, program administrator, National Agricultural Biosecurity Center
  • Sue Peterson, director of Governmental Relations
  • Michael Reichenberger, Graduate Student Council
  • Carrie Fink, University Support Staff Senate
  • Legal advisors: Cheryl Strecker and Robert Large, General Counsel

Weapons Advisory Subgroups

Members of the academics subgroup
  • Fred Guzek, co-chair
  • Michael Reichenberger, co-chair
Administration representatives
  • Brandon Kliewer, School of Leadership Studies
  • Joe Hancock, Animal Sciences and Industry
  • Chih-Hang (John) Wu, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • LaBarbara Wigfall, Landscape Architecture
Faculty Senate representatives
  • Kim Baltrip, Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Lori Goetsch, Libraries
  • Martin Berneking, Kansas State Polytechnic
  • Robert Garcia, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Ronnie Elmore, Veterinary Medicine
USS Senate representatives
  • Duncan Roback, Libraries
  • Jesica Thornton, Libraries
  • Peggie Post, English
Graduate Student Council representatives
  • Chelsey Schlechter, Human Ecology
  • Taylor Klover, Fine Art
Student Governing Association representatives
  • Chanel Coyne, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Derek Cox, Management Information Systems
  • Jonathan Peuchen, Mechanical Engineering
  • Katie Gehrt, Education
  • Timothy Kohtz, Finance
Members of the general services subgroup
  • Carrie Fink, co-chair
  • Sue Peterson, co-chair
Administration representatives
  • Andrena Keesee, K-State Olathe
  • Cyreathia (Sam) Reyer, Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources
  • Gary Leitnaker, Human Capital Services
  • Mandy Cole, Budget Office
  • Steve Starrett, Civil Engineering
Faculty Senate representatives
  • Jim Roush, Veterinary Medicine
  • Loren Wilson, Information Systems Office
  • Lynn Schwandt, Facilities
  • Mary Wood, English Language Program
  • Tonya Ricklefs, Family Studies and Human Services
USS Senate representatives
  • Andrew Thurlow, Physics
  • Randall Lindstrom, Facilities
  • Rosemarie Alexander, Registrars Office
Graduate Student Council representatives
  • Kaylin Didier, Human Ecology
  • Travis Hale, Curriculum and Instruction
Student Governing Association representatives
  • Cody Clair, Management Information Systems
  • Ellie Dickens, Anthropology
  • Jack Ayres, Chemical Engineering
  • Jeremy Migneco, Architecture
  • Wyatt Pracht, Agricultural Economics
Members of the research advisory subgroup
  • Craig Beardsley, co-chair
  • Jeff Morris, co-chair
Administration representatives
  • Barbara Lutjemeier, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Denver Marlow, Comparative Medicine Group
  • Jeffrey Geuther, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
  • John Jaeger, Agricultural Research Center-Hays
  • Susan Hettenbach, Biosecurity Research Institute
Faculty Senate representatives
  • Byron Jones, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
  • Christina Aguilera, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Daniel Higgins, Chemistry
  • Ian Czarnezki, Vice President for Research
  • Mary DeLuccie, Family Studies and Human Services
USS Senate representatives
  • Eric Hoffpauir, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Mitzi Farmer, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
  • Vickey Grochowski, Registrars Office
Graduate Student Council representatives
  • Jacob Alsdurf, Biology
  • Ryan Fronk, Nuclear Engineering
Student Governing Association representatives
  • Brodie Herrman, Political Science
  • Cat Gutman, Environmental Design
  • Jack Nolte, Microbiology
  • Som Kandlur, Mass Communications
  • Zach Lowry, Political Science
Members of the special events subgroup
  • Casey Scott, co-chair
  • Jim Muller, co-chair
Administration representatives
  • Brad Sidener, Alumni Association
  • Cindy Diederich, K-State Student Union
  • Kerri Day Keller, Career and Employment Services
  • Linda Duke, Beach Museum of Art
  • Stefani Schrader, McCain Auditorium
Faculty Senate representatives
  • Jessica Arnold, New Student Services
  • Loleta Sump, Facilities
  • Michelle Langvardt, Office of the Provost
  • Rebecca Gould, Information Technology Assistance Center
  • Ryan Sharp, Park Management and Conservation
USS Senate representatives
  • Lori Baker, Music, Theatre and Dance
  • Max Collado, Facilities
  • Sujatha Prakash, Engineering
Graduate Student Council representatives
  • Philip Freda, Entomology
Student Governing Association representatives
  • Alex Wakim, Applied Music
  • Annie Jewell, Mass Communications
  • Cassie Johnson, Family Studies and Human Services
  • Michael Emley, Accounting
  • Sam Edwards, Mass Communications
Members of the student life subgroup
  • Andy Hurtig, co-chair
  • Pat Bosco, co-chair
Administration representatives
  • Craig Johnson, K-State Student Union
  • Jared Meitler, Academic and Career Information Center
  • John Wondra, Recreational Services
  • Nick Lander, Housing and Dining Services
  • Warren Beard, Clinical Sciences
Faculty Senate representatives
  • Armando Espinoza, Recreational Services
  • Christy Moran Craft, Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs
  • Dorinda Lambert, Counseling Services
  • Heather Reed, Student Life
  • Kris Grinter, Kansas State Polytechnic
USS Senate representatives
  • Carol Marden, Counseling Services
  • Connie Rutlin, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Harold Higgins, Housing and Dining Services
Graduate Student Council representatives
  • Erica Sponberg, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Michelle Alcorn, Human Ecology
Student Governing Association representatives
  • Andrea Javiel-Wood, Arts and Sciences
  • Jordan DeLoach, Computer Science
  • Madelyn Johnson, Psychology
  • Patrick Kennedy, Finance
  • Sierra Lekie, Political Science