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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Curriculum Guides by College

Use the links to plan a curriculum path toward your desired major at Kansas State University.

College of Agriculture

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business Administration*

College of Education

College of Engineering*

College of Human Ecology

Veterinary Medicine

Kansas State Polytechnic

Distance Education

*These colleges have transfer advising guides by specific regional institutions.


The purpose of Curriculum and Transfer Advising Guides is to assist students who are attending Kansas community colleges in selecting the most appropriate courses for the major they intend to complete once they transfer to the Kansas State University. Degree requirements may change each academic year. Students interested in transferring to K-State should connect with a transfer coordinator. Transfer coordinators will assist you and provide additional resources and advising connections. Please note that for accreditation purposes Kansas State University applies a maximum of 50% of degree credits in transfer from any 2-year institution.

Submit an inquiry form to connect with a transfer coordinator.

See more about degree requirements in our Undergraduate Catalog.