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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer information


  • Up to one-half the required degree hours may be completed at an accredited two-year college.
  • Transfer grades do not become part of your K-State grade point average.
  • A grade of "D" will transfer to K-State, but these courses may need to be retaken, depending on the major entered.
  • At least 30 credit hours must be completed at K-State to earn a degree. Twenty of the last thirty hours should be resident K-State credit. Major field courses are usually completed in residence.
  • A minimum of 45 hours must be at a course level of 300 or above.

Minimum GPA for admission

  • You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (C average) in all previous academic work to be admitted to K-State. For admission purposes, calculations are based on K-State policies.
  • Some academic colleges and majors have higher GPA requirements than the university admission requirements. It is possible to be eligible for admission to the university, but not into your chosen major because of higher GPA or other requirements.

More information on majors that require a higher GPA for admission


Transferability of credits

Before a final determination can be made regarding transferability of credits, official transcripts must be sent to the K-State Office of Admissions from the Registrar's Office of each institution attended. K-State Office of Admissions will accept faxed transcripts. Our fax number is 785-532-6393.Credits applicable toward one major may not necessarily apply toward another.

Contact your K-State academic college early in your planning.


Coding explanation for Transfer Equivalency information

  • Course evaluations are Fall 1994 (19945) and effective to the present date unless different dates are listed in the effective date column.
  • Transfer course(s) considered to be equivalent to K-State course(s) will have the K-State course number and title listed.
  • Transfer courses that do not have a K-State equivalent, but are transferable, are designated as follows: (example: ACCTG-1:**, MATH -1:**, etc.). The number assigned to transfer only courses indicates the level of the course at the transfer institution not necessarily the level it will be used at K-State. K-State academic dean's offices will determine applicability toward your intended degree program.
  • Some "0-level" courses will transfer to K-State, but are not applicable to any degree program (example: MATH 010, or TRANS-0:**). Most 0-level courses are not transferable to K-State.
  • Transfer courses listed as "no transfer" will not transfer to K-State.
  • Transfer courses listed as "eval pending" (evaluation pending) are currently under evaluation by K-State academic departments. Credits for these courses may or may not transfer after they are evaluated.
  • The transfer equivalency information is revised frequently. Check the date at the top of the page for the last revised update.
  • You may need to scroll right to view all the information for each course.
  • Course evaluations may change due to various reasons. If a change occurs, the evaluation you receive will depend on the year/term the course was completed. Term codes: 1=winter intersession; 2=spring; 3=spring intersession; 4=summer; 5=fall.
  • Each list is in alphabetical order. You can use the usual Windows text search (choose Edit, Find - Netscape specific directions) to search for a specific transfer course (number or title) or K-State course (number or title).


Courses listed on the web pages may or may not be offered the semester you plan to take them. Refer to class schedule at individual institutions for course availability.

Information on web pages is subject to change without notice.

K-State maintains complete evaluations for the Kansas Community Colleges.

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