Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate admissions directors

Larry Moeder 


 Larry Moeder,
 Assistant Vice President for Student Life
 Director of Admissions and Student Financial Assistance



Associate Director



 Nick Austin
 Associate Director-Technology for Enrollment Management




Associate Director



 Molly McGaughey
 Associate Director-Communication/Student Service




Assistant Director 


 Sara Blankley
 Assistant Director - KSIS and Data Management




Assistant Director 


 Deana Core
 Assistant Director - Transfer Coordinator




Assistant Director 


 Bill Disberger
 Assistant Director - Transfer Coordinator






Jordan Tilley
Assistant Director - Operations




Assistant Director 


 Bryon Williams
 Assistant Director - Special Populations



Undergraduate admissions staff

Ahlvers, Kim - Records/Applications

Cyre, Teresa - Data Management/Technology

Hedrick, Debbie - Records/Applications

Hoffpauir, Eric - Data Management/Technology

Horgan, Linda - Records/Applications

Marsh, Becky - Communications

McHugh, Holly - Transcripts/DARS

Perry, Amy - Communications

Thornhill, Jennifer- Transcripts/DARS

Reed, Mindy - Communications

Reves, Amy - Reception/Accounting

Routson, Sally - HR/Residency

Rutlin, Connie - Communications

Sackrider, Janie - Transcripts/DARS

Thomson, Paula - Transcripts/DARS

Watts, Matthew - Data Management/Technology

Wells, Barb - Transcripts/DARS

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