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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Office of Undergraduate Admissions staff

Undergraduate admissions directors

Larry Moeder


 Larry Moeder,
 Associate Vice President for Student Life
 Executive Director of Admissions and Student Financial Assistance




Associate Director



 Molly McGaughey
 Director of Admissions




Assistant Director 


 Sara Blankley
 Associate Director of Admissions - KSIS and Data Management




Nicholas Brown
Assistant Director of Operations

Rebekah Thornton-Savage
Assistant Director

Undergraduate admissions staff

Cyre, Teresa - Data Management/Technology

Hedrick, Debbie - Records/Applications

Hoffpauir, Eric - Data Management/Technology

Horgan, Linda - Records/Applications

Marsh, Becky - Communications

McHugh, Holly - Transcripts/DARS

Reed, Mindy - Communications

Reves, Amy - Reception/Accounting

Routson, Sally - HR/Residency

Rutlin, Connie - Communications

Sackrider, Janie - Transcripts/DARS

Simpson, Heather - Records/Applications

Thomson, Paula - Transcripts/DARS

Thornhill, Jennifer- Transcripts/DARS

Wells, Barb - Transcripts/DARS

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