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Student FAQs while applying

Q.  What if my high school course name isn't in the list of courses?
A.  The name of your high school course does not have to exactly match the course name list. Selecting from the drop down options will speed your admission decision. Choose the provided course names when you are confident they are equivalent. For example, Algebra I may be called Algebra A at your high school. Instead of English 9, your course name may be Freshman English. 

Application screenshot

There are many variations in course names which is why you can enter your school's course name in the next column. If you are unsure, you can select the “Other” option at the bottom of a subject area or the “Other” option under Electives.  
Q.  Which courses should I list? / What is a "Core Course"?
A.  Not all courses taken through your high school are part of the precollege curriculum (or "core") even if you receive credit for them. It will not hurt anything to list all your courses. However, you do not have to list these basic types of courses: physical education, study skills, study hall, office/teacher aide, test prep, community service, or basic life skills.

We follow the approved precollege curriculum lists maintained by the Kansas Board of Regents.  If you are unsure if the course on your transcript should be listed, you may report it as "Other" under its subject or Electives.  We will evaluate any reported course during the admission decision process. (Please also read the questions and answers above and below since they are similar.)
Q.  My high school transcript has marked the classes approved by the Kansas Board of Regents, should I only list those?
A.  No.  Note the few exceptions described in the question and answer above, but plan on listing any academic course.  Because of the recent changes in requirements, your high school codes may not be up to date.  Listing all academic courses gives us complete information so we can make a fully informed admission decision.
Q.  If I took Chemistry I and Chemistry II what course name should I select?
A.  You can select the same course from the drop down and fill in the school’s course name.

Application screenshot 2

This applies to any courses with levels including Foreign Language and advanced course offerings like Advanced Biology as well.
Q.  What if I don't know my entire senior class schedule?
A.  The entire senior year of classes you intend to take is needed to determine if you will complete the precollege curriculum.  Even if you don't know your exact schedule, you should know the courses you plan to take.  Visit with your high school counselor if you have questions.

Q.  How do I list the classes I'm taking my senior year?
A.  List the classes you are taking at the start of the year as "In Progress." List the courses that you will take in the future as "Plan to Take." For courses that only last one term, select a "NA" or "No Credit" on the term when the class will not be taken. 

 Application screenshot 6

Q.  How should I list a course I took in the summer?
A.  If your high school groups the course with an academic year, report it with that year.  If it is listed as a separate term with no indication of which academic year, report it with the previous term.  For example, a math course taken between 9th and 10th grade, but not listed as 9th or 10th grade, should be grouped with the 9th grade courses.
Q.  How do I list a course that I am getting both high school and college credit?
A.  When you are receiving both high school and college credit for a class, you should list the concurrent course within the "High School Core Courses" section so it can be used to determine your admissibility. 

Application Screenshot 4

You should also list the school where you enrolled for college credit in the College or University section and the number of credit hours you plan to complete.

Application screenshot 5

Q.  What if my course has only one grade?
A.  If it was a semester only course, list the grade for that semester and N/A in the other column. If it was a full-year course but only one grade was awarded put the grade awarded in BOTH columns if you are reporting for semesters or all three grade columns if you are reporting trimester, etc.
Q.  How can I report my courses from a 100 point scale?
A.  You may report your GPA on the 100 point scale as listed on your transcript.  In the High School Core Courses section, you will need to list the letter grade equivalent as defined by your high school.  If your high school does not provide a letter grade equivalent, you may use the following standard.  90 to 100 = A, 80 to 89.9 = B, 70 to 79.9 = C, 60 to 69.9 = D, less than 60 = F.
Q.  I took an exam instead of a class that counts for US Government, how do I list it?
A.  This is common in Missouri and Illinois and may be utilized elsewhere.  If your high school gives you credit, list it as the US Government course and the corresponding grade.
Q.  Should my 8th grade Algebra I class be listed?
A.  No.  The Kansas Board of Regents has only approved courses taken in 9th through 12th grades as part of the precollege curriculum.
Q.  I have more than two GPAs.  Which do I use?
A.  Some high schools provide GPAs, like honor GPA, in addition to weighted and unweighted.  Only the weighted and unweighted GPAs are to be reported on the application.  If you are unsure which GPA to list, visit with your high school counselor.
Q.  What if my high school uses two different types of GPA point systems?
A.  You must pick only one if you self-report your information.  If you would like both sets of GPA point system information reflected in your file, you must have a transcript sent from your high school to the Office of Admissions.
Q.  I repeated a class because I got a bad grade the first time. Do I need to list both classes?
A.  Yes, please list your first attempt and the grade(s) given. List the repeat as well.

Application screenshot 3

We will use the repeat in our assessment of your admissibility. As long as you are on track to meet the precollege curriculum requirements, a repeat may not be a factor in our calculations.