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Advanced standing credit - Credit by exam

Credit by Exam

K-State accepts credit by exam from the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

Where to take the exam

CLEP and DANTES tests can be taken on campus and are scheduled through the Academic Assistance Center.

Academic Assistance Center
101 Holton Hall
Kansas State University

The registration fees must be paid at the time of the exam.
CLEP = $105 per test    DANTES = $105 per test

Official CLEP scores can be ordered by contacting:

Box 6600
Princeton, NJ 08541
(K-State school code = 6334)

Official DANTES scores can be ordered by contacting:

Box 6604
Princeton, NJ 08541
(K-State school code = 9186)

Credit by exam test scores listed on transcripts from other universities are not automatically awarded credit. Scores must be officially sent to K-State.

How scores transfer

If a letter grade is awarded, it will become part of the student's K-State GPA.  Courses listed as credit only do not become part of the student's K-State GPA.

Each College (e.g. College of Arts and Sciences) sets a policy for how they accept letter grades or credit. View the college information for how credit or letter grades are accepted.

Students have the option of accepting or rejecting the exam credit. In addition, if a letter grade has been awarded, the student has the option of accepting "credit only" instead of the letter grade within the policy of the individual College. The student may change from one option to another at any point during their undergraduate career. It is at the discretion of the academic department on whether a test score will be accepted for a specific class.  It is important for the student to consult with their academic advisor before making the decision.

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