Manhattan Ultimate Summer League
Manhattan, Kansas
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Thanks for enthusiasm for MUSL. Registration is open till May 23rd. There are still spots open, especially for women. We need more women maintain a 5-2 ration on the field. So please check over the list and make sure your friends have signed up.

Note: League communications will be sent to you by e-mail from the K-State Utlimate Listserv (KSUULTIMATE-L@LISTSERV.KSU.EDU). Please designate this address as 'not spam' with your isp. If you have not been receiving e-mails from that address, send an e-mail to shawnkokenge@yahoo.com to let him know. He will then add you to the listserv for the summer and remove you from it after the summer is over.

As of 5/21/14, there is problems with yahoo mail and any listservs. (see here) If you have different emails, please avoid registering with .yahoo or .aol . If you did sign up using those emails, you won't be able to post to the listserv. Address any questions to me.