Manhattan Ultimate Summer League
Manhattan, Kansas
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Contact Information


Ryan Irwin 785-821-4647 irv866@gmail.com
Kate Bowen cheshireultimate@gmail.com

Shawn Kokenge 785-532-9854 shawnkokenge@yahoo.com

Josh Manning jbmmhk@ksu.edu
Drew Mechnig westphalia13@hotmail.com
Sam Nelson snelson0710@ksu.edu
Sam Berkelhammer samwise930@gmail.com
Clayton Smith claytonelton13@aol.com
Colin Beauregard colinbeau4@gmail.com
Kyle Thompson orangatangsinplaid@gmail.com
John Benfer JohnFBenfer@gmail.com
Luke Grieger lgrieger13@gmail.com






Our sponsors keep MUSL affordable.  Suport us by supporting them. Rock-A-Belly Deli and Bluestem Bistro will be handing out coupons at the games randomly throughout the season.

  • ROCK-A-BELLY DELI-- sandwiches and brews, Aggieville 539-8033 
  • BLUESTEM BISTRO-- cafe and bakery, Aggieville 587-8888 
  • WALSON INK-- screen printing, 539-1820
Rock-a-Belly Deli
Bluestem Bistro
Walson Ink