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K-State Today Student Edition

March 24, 2014

SGA releases iSIS mobile survey to student body this week

By Eli Schooley

iStock photo of iPad

Tomorrow, the Student Governing Association will send an iSIS mobile survey to the K-State student body, asking for student insight and opinions on the issue of a future, comprehensive mobile app for the K-State community.

Included questions — both iSIS and non-iSIS-related — will address the features and tasks students would like to be able to do from a future app for smartphones and tablets.

Once survey results have been compiled, the Student Governing Association and the campus technology-related entities will better know the path to take toward the implementation of a mobile app that fully serves the determined needs of the K-State community.

The lives of those in higher education continue to grow more hectic by the day, and mobile options for everyday tasks, like checking grades, paying bills and receiving important information are crucial. K-State has room to grow in this area, and it is the priority of the Student Governing Association to work with campus officials toward the shared purpose of mobile apps that would best serve the everyday needs of the K-State community.

Please take five minutes to complete the survey.

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