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K-State Today

March 24, 2011

K-State for All! awards faculty and staff who promote an accessible campus

By Erinn Barcomb-Peterson

On Thursday, March 10, K‑State For All! announced nominees and winners for this year's Promoting An Accessible Campus Award. Students were asked to nominate faculty or staff members who has gone out of their way to ensure that courses or classroom environments are accessible. The winners of the award are picked by committee.

The following winners received a glass award and framed certificate: Heather Reed, associate dean, office of student life; and Sally Bailey, associate professor, theater.

The rest of the nominees, who were given framed certificates, are: Barbara Anderson, associate professor, apparel, textiles and interior design; Alison Wheatley, assistant dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Charles Oviatt, professor, geology; David Thompson, assistant professor, family studies and human services; Farrell Webb, associate professor, family studies and human services; Sue Williams, associate professor, sociology; Christa Henderson, instructor, modern languages; Charles Griffin, associate professor of communication studies and head of the department of communication studies, theatre and dance; Steven Smethers, associate professor, journalism and mass communication; and Esther Swilley, associate professor, marketing.

This is the second year that K‑State for All! has given out this award. Disability support services and K‑State for All! appreciate the work that these faculty and staff have done to ensure an accessible environment for their students.