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K-State Today

February 21, 2017

K-State First seeks instructors for University Experience course

By Gregory Eiselein

K-State First logo

K-State First is looking for qualified instructors to teach EDCEP 111 University Experience in 2017-18. The course is a high energy, active-learning first-year seminar that meets twice a week. For first-year students only, it is designed to introduce them to K-State and teach them the skills they will need to thrive in a college learning environment.

We are looking for student life professionals, advisors, or faculty at K-State who have experience working with new students and an interest in new student success. Instructors of this course will receive professional training, a stipend of $2,000 that can be taken as professional development funds — or, in some instances, as salary — and the support of an undergraduate learning assistant.

If you are interested in the position or would like to nominate someone, please send a one-page letter of interest and a one-page curriculum vitae to Gregory Eiselein at eiselei@k-state.edu and Stephanie Bannister at sbann@k-state.edu by Wednesday, March 1.