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K-State Today

February 16, 2017

Thirty-five Kansas State University faculty members granted sabbatical leave

By Ruth Dyer

Kansas State University is granting sabbatical leave to 35 faculty members during the 2017-2018 school year.

The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide faculty members with the opportunity for scholarly and professional enrichment. Sabbatical leaves allow faculty to pursue advanced study, conduct research studies, engage in scholarly and creative activities, or secure appropriate industrial or professional experience. Once faculty members return from their sabbaticals, they are expected to share the knowledge and experience they gained with their students, colleagues and the Kansas State University community.

Faculty members being granted sabbatical leave include:

Jared Anderson, family studies and human services; Nora Bello, statistics; Delores Chambers, food, nutrition, dietetics and health; Edgar Chambers IV, food, nutrition, dietetics and health; Peri Da Silva Jr., economics; Saugata Datta, geology; Gayle Doll, gerontology; Juan Du, statistics; Carolyn Ferguson, biology; Keith Gido, biology; Brianne Heidbreder, political science; Michele Janette, English; Laura Kanost, modern languages; Cameron Leader-Picone, English; Zongshu Lin, mathematics; Andrew Long, political science; Lester Loschky, psychological sciences; Lisa Melander, sociology, anthropology and social work; Nancy Muturi, journalism and mass communications; Thu Nguyen, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Livia Olsen, K-State Libraries; Mervi Pakaste, art; Mark Parillo, history; Dunja Peric, civil engineering; Christopher Pinner, mathematics; Lisa Pohlman, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; David Renter, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Eleanor Sayre, physics; Kathrin Schrick, biology; Iakov Soibelman, mathematics; Dan Thomson, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Carlos Trallero, physics; Erin Wiersma, art; Jennifer Wilson, K-State Research and Extension; and Naiqian Zhang, biological and agricultural engineering.