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K-State Today

November 21, 2016

Help communicate K-State ASAP program to students

By Julie Gibbs

As part of K-State's comprehensive and proactive approach to encourage students to stay safe and healthy, K-State requires all students enrolled in one or more credit hour(s) to complete the annual web-based Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention, or ASAP, program each academic year, which starts July 1.

Many incoming students may not yet be aware of this requirement. The K-State ASAP team will communicate through email, K-State Today and other methods to convey this message. However, faculty and staff play a valuable part in communicating requirements such as the ASAP program to students.

ASAP training for the spring 2017 semester will be available for all incoming students on Dec. 1. Please note that students who have already completed this program for the fall 2016 semester will not be required to review the training until fall 2017. They are only required to take the training once per academic year.

The following information will help you be able to better assist your students.

The ASAP program uses the Think About It series of modules from Campus Clarity to address alcohol and other drug use, sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention through interactive educational content and scenarios.

The ASAP program is designed to help students:

• Make healthy decisions.
• Know and understand state laws and K-State campus policies.
• Be aware of university community resources associated with these topics.
• Be aware of how to report concerning behavior.
• Learn how to safely intervene when suspicious or concerning behavior is observed.

On Dec. 1, all incoming students will receive an email from Campus Clarity that will provide details and access to this program — if already enrolled for spring 2017 courses. Students enrolling after Dec. 1 will receive the email from Campus Clarity 24-48 hours after enrollment. All students will have 20 days to complete the training. Failure to do so will result in an enrollment hold on their KSIS account for the following semester.

The content of the sexual violence education portion of Think About It may be triggering for some individuals. Please direct triggering concerns and related requests for alternative training options to the Center for Advocacy, Response and Education, or CARE, at 785-532-6444 or ksucare@k-state.edu.

For more information and answers to FAQ, please visit ksu.edu/asap. If students have any technical problems or any other questions, direct them to the Lafene Health Promotion department at 785-532-6595 or healthy@k-state.edu.

Read more information about the federal mandate.

On behalf of the K-State ASAP team, thank you for your help with encouraging students to take this program and communicating its importance to the health and wellness of our K-State community.