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K-State Today

October 7, 2016

Important Total Rewards update

By Jeff Morris

Please read this information carefully.

Today, we are publishing a proposed pay grade and salary structure for university unclassified professional staff and some university support staff. This Total Rewards information is for review and is not final. We expect continued dialogue and ask for feedback before the Nov. 21 fall break. Please use the feedback form on the proposed compensation structure webpage.

K-State employees may view job titles, job descriptions, salary grades and associated salary ranges, job families and employee type — unclassified professional and university support staff. The job descriptions are generic, and should not be confused with your actual position description. This gives us a place to start as we develop a new pay grade structure for Kansas State University.

You may or may not find your position and your salary may or may not be within the ranges shown here. No one will have their salary reduced or position eliminated as a result of this information. The salary study conducted by CBIZ did not include unclassified professionals who also hold faculty status or faculty members. Job titles covered by the Kansas Association of Public Employees, or KAPE, are being finalized and are not published yet.

We have an extensive list of frequently asked questions, please review them prior to responding. There are many unique situations and specific questions for different employees. Our goal is to get the structure in place and then address the specific issues.

A formal universitywide salary structure will help us meet federal laws for fair and equal pay. It is extremely important that we get this right, which is why we ask for each person's review. Job families and pay structures will allow for career progression and reflect equity across the university. In anticipation of new federal laws, we must be ready to provide pay equity reports to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by March 2018.

Once we have reviewed the input, we will finalize the pay structure. The next step will be to let people know where they fit within the structure. This step was delayed because of the amount of input received this summer and further complicated by the timing of changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Please know, we remain committed to providing this information and will be communicating our timeline soon.

Jeff Morris
Vice president for communications and marketing
Acting vice president for human capital services