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K-State Today

September 13, 2011

National Academic Advising Association's webcast to address technology planning in academic advising

By Dr. Michael Lynch

Today's students – both on campus and at a distance – are coming to us with higher expectations of technology usage than earlier generations. We feel the push from all directions to try new forms of technology to meet our students' wants and needs. We recognize that the campus of the future must create a dynamic learning experience for our students, staff and professionals.

Advising units all over the world are being asked to do more with less. Take a step back and consider process and planning, while weaving a strategic plan for advising into the larger picture of technology on campus in the National Academic Advising Association's latest webcast, "Leading Forward: Technology Planning for Sustainable Advising." Participate in the webcast at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 14, in Room 212 of the K-State Student Union.