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K-State Today

March 18, 2011

Letter from Myra Gordon about the eighth Diversity Summit

By Julie Fosberg

Dear Colleagues,

Everything is coming along well for the eighth Diversity Summit at K-State.

We're pleased to announce the co-hosts for "InView," our stylized talk show at the summit: Doris Wright Carroll, Jana Fallin, Amanda Morales and yours truly. The show will feature many guests, including Tim de Noble, Denis Medeiros, David Griffin, Monica Biernat from the University of Kansas, and others. It will offer discussions of contemporary topics, an international topic and a feature topic based on the research addressing the subtleties and complexities of gender bias. The pace will be fast; it will have talent segments; expect some bloopers since none of us has done anything quite like this before; and the audience wil be invited to participate. We're working to make this a very informative and enjoyable aspect of the summit.

Please visit the summit website to register. We're drawing closer to the date and all the final details are being put into place. You're an indispensable part of what we're planning, and we hope you'll join in this celebration. We're still gathering passionistas, photos and quotes about mothers. Don't forget that the summit kicks off with the third annual Diversity Tea at K-State Salina, Wednesday, March 30. The celebration will continue with the Women's Wellness Fair in the K-State Student Union, Thursday, March 31. The celebration will culminate with the summit, Friday, April 1.

Here's to all the phenomenal women of K-State and the wonderful men who support and uplift us, both on the campus and elsewhere.

Until next week, with love from Africa, yours truly, 

Myra Gordon
Associate Provost
Office of Diversity and Dual Career Development
224 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-532-6276
Fax: 785-532-6339