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K-State Today

September 30, 2014

K-State Online: Enhancements made to communications in Canvas

By Information Technology Services

K-State Online

Every month, updates and new features are added to K-State Online powered by Canvas. In the latest production release, enhancements were made to communication channels to help instructors improve conversations with their students.

Some of the enhancements include:

  • Global Navigation Assignments Link — The assignments link has been removed from the global navigation. Many instructors were hiding the assignments link in their courses to streamline the student's experience. With the link now removed from the global navigation, instructors have more control over their course navigation.
  • Copy of Announcement to Sender — Instructors have been asking for the ability to receive a copy of all announcements they create. With the new copy of announcement to sender feature, instructors can set a new notification preference that will allow them to receive copies of announcements. The notification preference also can be set to receive copies of announcement replies.

To see all the updates and new features in Canvas, view the canvas productions release notes.

To learn more about the K-State Online upgrade, view the K-State Online powered by Canvas website.