Countdown to Canvas!

K-State Online Classic is being retired, so now is the time to upgrade your courses to K-State Online powered by Canvas. All courses must move to Canvas by December 31, 2015.

Are You Part of the Upgrade?

  • 33% (1168) of courses have already upgraded to Canvas
  • 95% of academic departments have at least 1 course active in Canvas
  • 16,674 unique students are using Canvas this semester
  • 799 unique instructors are using Canvas this semester
  • 200+ faculty and staff have attended a training or walk-in session

Be Ahead of the Curve

If you need help setting up your courses in Canvas, there are several options available: classroom trainingwalk-in help sessions, and individual appointment sessions.

Take Your Course to the Next Level

Take your course to the next level with third-party apps. Apps are an easy way to add new features to your course. Use the My Mediasite app to record lectures or upload videos to your Canvas courses.

What's New in Canvas

July Release Highlights

Instructure released a new version of Canvas on July 18. With this release, Canvas updated many features including Anonymous Peer Review Student Names, and Excused Assignment NotificationsTo see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete July Release Notes.

Recent Canvas Features Highlights

Differentiated Assignments, instructors have the flexibility to differentiate assignments between sections and select which sections are required to complete specific tasks.

Files Redesign, the new files redesign allows users to view more details about their files, manage editing permissions, and preview files. In addition, Files is fully accessible for all keyboard users and screen readers.

Global Navigation Assignments Link, the Assignments link has been removed from the global navigation. Many instructors were hiding the Assignments link in their courses to streamline the student’s experience. With the link now removed from the global navigation, instructors have more control over their course navigation.

Canvas updates their software to correct issues and provide requested features just as K-State Online Classic did. Updates are rolled out every three weeks and applied on Sunday morning. To see the changes to Canvas, you can view all of the past release notes at You may subscribe to the Canvas Release Notes and have info about the monthly updates sent to you via email.

Canvas Community

The Canvas Community is home to all the resources that Instructure provides to help Canvas users: the Canvas Guides, Video Tutorials, Sample Courses, etc. Users can find answers to questions about Canvas through these resources and from one another in the community forums.

The new Canvas Community 2.0 was launched on April 15, 2015. The new Community allows Canvas users to connect and interact with Instructure, and with each other to discuss and share best practices, ideas for new Canvas features, and come together into community groups.

Vote on New Canvas Features

One of the benefits of K-State Online powered by Canvas is the ability to participate in the growth of Canvas. As a user, you can vote on new features or changes being made in Canvas in the community forums.

The following features are being discussed now by users and are important to K-State. You can show your support for the feature by clicking the Me too! link. The Me too! link is similar to the Like link in Facebook.

To see what other features are being considered for Canvas, visit the Feature Discussion Categories. In this forum, Canvas users discuss how features can be used; talk about what works and what doesn’t; and suggest new features or fixes.

Scheduled Maintenance

No maintenance events are currently scheduled.