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Countdown to Canvas!

K-State Online Classic is being retired, so now is the time to upgrade your courses to K-State Online powered by Canvas. All courses must move to Canvas by December 31, 2015.


For some instructors, this semester will be your first using K-State Online Canvas. Learn some useful tips and tricks in the Getting Started with Canvas course. 

Are You Part of the Upgrade?

Elements in CanvasSpring 2015Summer 2015Fall 2015
Discussion Topics10,5282,6626,125
Files Uploaded71,71027,646 109,309
Media Recording6,269886 1,437
Courses still in Classic43%26%17%
Numbers were last updated on September 2, 2015

Be Ahead of the Curve

If you need help setting up your courses in Canvas, there are several options available: classroom trainingwalk-in help sessions, and personalized help session.

Move your data to Canvas

Questions used on assignments and quizzes in K-State Online Class can be exported and moved into K-State Online powered by Canvas. Questions must be moved by specific assignments rather then by Question Bank. To transfer questions you need to identify: assignments, courses, terms, and versions. For step-by-step instructions on how to export your questions, view the article Exporting questions from K-State Online Classic for Canvas. For assistance transferring your questions, complete this form.

You can easily move content from K-State Online Classic to K-State Online by following these simple steps. If you are having trouble moving your files or have questions about how you can best manage and move your files, use this form. Move only the active files that are needed into Canvas. Older files can be archived outside of the Learning Management System.

Take Your Course to the Next Level

Take your course to the next level with third-party apps. Apps are an easy way to add new features to your course. Use the My Mediasite app to record lectures or upload videos to your Canvas courses.

What's New in Canvas

August Release Highlights

Instructure released a new version of Canvas on August 29. With this release, Canvas updated many features including SpeedGrader. Instructors can now view a student submitted URL in an external window.To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete August Release Notes.

Canvas Community

The Canvas Community is home to all the resources that Instructure provides to help Canvas users: the Canvas Guides, Video Tutorials, Sample Courses, etc. Users can find answers to questions about Canvas through these resources and from one another in the community forums.

The new Canvas Community 2.0 was launched on April 15, 2015. The new Community allows Canvas users to connect and interact with Instructure, and with each other to discuss and share best practices, ideas for new Canvas features, and come together into community groups.

Scheduled Maintenance

Currently there are no maintenance events scheduled.