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K-State Today

September 14, 2011

Read the latest news from the Division of Biology

By Stephanie Jacques

The latest issue of the Division of Biology's newsletter, The Bulletin, can be read here. Some of the topics in this issue are:

  • Oceans Away: A story about young man who has been persistent in achieving his dream of an ocean related career despite Kansas being a landlocked state. 
  • Konza Prairie Celebrating 40 years: Join us at Tasting in the Tallgrass, a wine and beer tasting celebration, Sept 30.
  • Retired professor, Charles “Bud” Kramer finds enjoyment and notoriety with his lifetime hobby, dog obedience, dog agility and rally-style obedience. 
  • Division of Biology, Sherry Fleming studies the “drama queen” of the immune system.
  • Postdoc, Tyler Schwend, investigates the role of Robo-Slit signaling on avian cornea innervation during embryonic development.

To access the newsletter, click on the link below or visit the Division of Biology's website and then click on News and Events. You will see a newsletter tab on the right.