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K-State Today

September 22, 2011

Meet your 2011 All-University Campaign volunteers

By Susan Wolf Berhow

Members of the 2011 All-University Campaign Committee

Beginning this week, K-State faculty and staff will receive their 2011 All-University Campaign Guide to Giving packet — delivered by a friendly campaign volunteer!

The All-University Campaign for K-State is an internal fundraising effort run by campus faculty and staff volunteers specifically focused on the participation of all employees, including the Manhattan campus, K-State Salina, K-State Olathe, K-State Alumni Association, KSU Foundation and K-State Athletics. It is an annual campaign for all members of the campus community to participate in by supporting the areas of the university they care about most.

Every area of the university has volunteers working hard to help make this year’s campaign a success. To learn more about the campaign, look up your campaign volunteer or make a gift online, visit: http://www.k-stateauc.org.