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Research Foundation
Kansas State University
2005 Research Park Circle
Suite 105
Manhattan, KS 66502-5020
Tel: 785-532-5720
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the role of the Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF)?

  • Who is KSU-IC?

  • What is an invention?

  • Who are inventors?

  • If I invent something at KSU, does it belong to the University?

  • What about inventions prior to joining KSU?

  • What is the benefit of disclosing an invention to KSURF?

  • How do I disclose my invention?

  • Do I need to reduce the invention to practice before disclosing to KSURF?

  • After a disclosure form has been submitted to KSURF, what is the evaluation process?

  • What is IPAC?

  • Who decides whether or not to file patent applications?

  • What makes an invention patentable?

  • Is computer software patentable?

  • How does public disclosure affect patenting?

  • Is a grant proposal considered public disclosure?

  • How do I search for prior art patents?

  • How long does it take to obtain a patent?

  • What is the cost of obtaining a patent?

  • Who pays for patenting?

  • Who prepares and prosecutes patent applications?

  • Are there different types of applications that can be filed?

  • How long does patent protection last?

  • Are there any additional fees once a patent has been issued?

  • How is my invention marketed or licensed?

  • How is the license income distributed to inventors?

  • What happens if KSURF does not want my invention?

  • Why are Confidential Disclosure Agreements necessary?

  • Why are Material Transfer Agreements necessary?