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Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life Position Openings

Office Specialist I

The Office Specialist provides direction and technical support for the Office of Student Life. The office specialist is the first line of contact with the students and families the Office of Student Life serves.

The Office of Student Life fosters an environment of collaboration, responsibility, and mutual respect in partnership with students and all of our university colleagues. We do this by:

  • Providing direct support and services to students
  • Advocating for students in a variety of settings
  • Connecting students with accurate referrals for academic and personal problems
  • Encouraging appreciation of diverse experiences and perspectives
  • Coordinating the university response to campus and student crises
  • Monitoring the campus environment and safety issues
  • Administering and advising the student judicial program
  • Supporting and serving as a resource for student family members

For more information regarding the Office Specialist I position click here.

Graduate Practica

Apply now for Spring 2017

Graduate students interested in a practicum experience at the Office of Student Life should send us a current resume or vita, and a brief (no more than 2 pages) summary of goals and expectations for a practicum in our office. This summary should be specific to the Office of Student Life, and address how our services, mission, etc., mesh with the student's practicum goals and expectations.

Please email this information to Carolyn Jones, carolynj@ksu.edu. If you have any questions about this position, please call us at 785-532-6432.

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