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Mission Statement

The mission of the SafeRide Program is to save lives and prevent injuries and damage to property by offering students and their guests a safe alternative to drunken driving and other threatening situations.

The Purpose of SafeRide

Reduce the potential harmful consequences of alcohol and other forms of drug abuse.

Prevent student driving while intoxicated, which is the #1 killer of young adults 16 to 24.

Provide a safer environment in the Manhattan area.

Provide a safe ride home for K-State students and guests who live within the designated city limits of Manhattan, Kansas, from Thursday through Saturday night, from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Provide an alternative ride home for students in potentially threatening situations.

New Bus Routes

West Route
  1. Beach Museum
  2. K-State Student Union
  3. College Heights & Denison
  4. Sunset & Claflin
  5. Chase Manhattan
  6. Hobbs & College
  7. University Crossing
  8. Jardine
  9. Kramer Food Center
  10. Beach Museum
East Route
  1. K-State Student Union
  2. Willie's Car Wash
  3. Thurston & 11th
  4. Pioneer and McCain
  5. 10th St & Ratone
  6. Vattier & Juliette
  7. Laramie & Juliette
  8. City Park
  9. 17th & Fairview
  10. Denison & Larmie
  11. K-State Student Union
Northwest Route
  1. Northview Elementary School
  2. Beach Museum
  3. Park Place Apartments

Dispatcher Phone Number

If you have questions or need assistance due to a disability please contact 785-537-6345 during the hours of operation for SafeRide, 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

Rules for Use

  • One person in party must show current K-State ID to receive a ride for a party of up to four individuals.
  • Non-K-State students who are not in a party with a K-State student may ride for a fee of $2.

Hours of Operation

Safe ride will operate from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Dates of Operation

SafeRide operates on weekends when school is in session.


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For a complete list of all ATA Bus fixed routes in Manhattan please visit the ATA Bus website.

West Route

West Route

East Route

East Route

Northwest Route

Northwest Route