A scholarship is financial aid that does not need to be repaid and is awarded to students based on merit.

K-State scholarship application priority dates for students entering in the 2016 fall academic term:

November 1 - in the fall academic term of the senior year of high school

The priority date for incoming freshmen students to complete and submit the K-State scholarship application is November 1. High school students who plan to enter Kansas State University for the 2016-2017 academic year should complete and submit their K-State scholarship application by Monday, November 1, 2015.

Application for Admission and K-State Scholarships
Application for K-State Scholarships
February 1 - in the spring academic term prior to the next academic year
The priority date to complete and submit the K-State scholarship application for continuing and transferring students is February 1. Students who plan to continue or transfer to K-State during the 2015-16 academic year should submit their K-State Scholarship Application by Sunday, February 1, 2015.
Application for K-State Scholarships
  • Continuing K-State students complete and submit this application to be considered for K-State Scholarships.
  • Transfer students complete and submit this application if they have already applied for admission to K-State, but have not yet applied to be considered for K-State Scholarships.
  • Review/Update K-State Scholarship Application

Scholarship Information

Premier undergraduate scholarships
  • K-State's most selective and competitive scholarships.
Scholarships for undergraduate transfer students
  • Information about competitive scholarships for transfer students.
Private and outside scholarship search
  • A Prezi© and a collection of scholarship search websites and tips.
State of Kansas scholarships
  • Application for scholarships from the State of Kansas.
Scholarship scams
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Questions about scholarships

What types of scholarships are available?


K-State offers wide variety of merit based scholarships. Merit refers to a student’s past academic, leadership, or civic accomplishments. We encourage you to check out this scholarships webpage for additional details such as priority dates and application procedure.

I will be receiving a non-K-State, private scholarship. Will this affect my financial aid?


Please notify the OSFA as soon as you learn that you will receive any private scholarships or funding. Private funding may affect your eligibility for financial aid, especially your eligibility for federal loans.

How are non-K-State, private scholarships processed?


Most private scholarship donors send scholarship checks to K-State. If you receive a private scholarship check directly from a scholarship donor, please endorse it and write your full name and Wildcat ID number on the front of the check. Then mail or deliver the check to the OSFA. The university will then apply the scholarship against your university account where it will reduce your university charges and/or result in an excess financial aid credit that will be forwarded to you.