Nonviolence Studies & Programs


Nonviolence Studies Certificate Program  
Nonviolence Studies Certificate Courses Approved for 2013/2014

Two required courses (6 hours):
DAS 355 Introduction to Nonviolence Studies
DAS 590 Applied Nonviolence (see WOMST 590/DAS590/WOMST799) 
DAS 455 Violence, Nonviolence and Social Change
or take both:
DAS 355 ZA Introduction to Nonviolence Studies, online
DAS 455 ZA Violence, Nonviolence and Social Change, online
DAS 590 ZA Applied Nonviolence, online
WOMST 590/WOMST 799(counts for DAS 590), Wed. 5:30-8:20, LS 10

Plus 9 hours of electives:
Current electives that have been approved by Nonviolence Studies and Arts &Sciences.


NVS Elective Courses - Available Spring 2014


The two underlined electives are in the approval process - check with the instructor to be sure they qualify as NVS electives:
ANTHRO 200 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

COMM 322 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 480 Intercultural Communication

LEAD 502 International Community Service Seminar

FSHS 531 Core Conflict Resolution
FSHS 533 Prevention and Intervention of Violence
FSHS 536 Conflict Trauma in International Settings
FSHS 751 Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies

IAPD 391: Topics in Contemporary Design Seminar

SOCWK 568 Social Work Practice 3
SOCIO 363 Global Problems
SOCIO 507 International Development and Social Change
SOCIO 520-A Methods of Social Research
SOCIO 633 Gender, Power and Development
SOCIO 635 Sociology of Human Trafficking

THEATRE 664 Creative Drama
THEATRE 665 Drama Therapy with Special Populations

WOMST 480 Women and Environmentalism
WOMST 590/DAS 590/WOMST799 (Women's Studies Practice and Applied Nonviolence)
WOMST 799 Independent Study in Nonviolence Studies 

NVS Required Courses - Available Spring 2014

DAS 355 Introduction to Nonviolence Studies -- DISTANCE only, S.L.Allen
DAS 455 Violence, Nonviolence and Social Change -- DISTANCE only, T.Nietfeld
WOMST590/DAS590/WOMST 799 Women's Studies Practice and Applied Nonviolence, W 5:30-8:30 -- Leasure 10, T. Dickinson Instructor. 

(Check back for new electives!)


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