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Limited submissions

Many federal and foundation sponsors limit the number of grant proposal applications which may be submitted, and these require an internal institutional review for selecting those proposals which are sent to the sponsor. Some nominations for individual prizes or awards also require institutional review.

Limited submission opportunities

View upcoming opportunities, internal and funder due dates, and submitters.


Individual investigators or teams of investigators wishing to submit a proposal or nomination in response to a limited submission must send a completed cover sheet (docx), with the attachments listed below, to orsplimitedsubs@ksu.edu by the internal deadline given in The Funding Connection.

A review team assembled by the Associate Deans for Research Council will select the proposal(s) or nomination(s) to be submitted to the funding source and will provide comments intended to strengthen the submission.


Internal submissions will be evaluated based upon:

  • The alignment of the proposed project with the goals of the program announcement (i.e. fundability).
  • The degree to which the proposed project aligns with the priorities of the institution (i.e. suitability).
  • The credentials of the individuals involved with the project.

An internal submission should include

  • A cover sheet (docx)
  • A one- to three-page project description, highlighting the criteria listed above.
  • If this project involves equipment acquisition, a description of where the instrument will be housed and a plan for sustainability of equipment use (1-2 pages)
  • Listing of the project collaborators, with their roles in the project.
  • A one-page draft budget
  • A description of the mandatory institutional cost share for this project, and of how this cost share would be met [if known]
  • Bios for the PI and co-PIs. These should be in the format of the funding entity to which you will be ultimately submitting

These components should be combined and submitted as a single PDF file. Submissions are due by 5 p.m. central time on the internal dateline date given in The Funding Connection.