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Department of Psychological Sciences

Amanda Martens

Amanda Martens

Vitea (pdf)

Advisor: Dr. Don Saucier

Contact Information:

Office: BH 598

Email: almartens@ksu.edu

Research Interest:

The primary motivation behind my research, teaching, and mentoring pursuits is the empowerment of others. As such, my primary programs of research are twofold: the first is the manifestations and consequences of traditional and contemporary gender roles, and the second is the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).  Specifically, I am interested in examining the prosocial and antisocial functions of masculine honor, the conceptualization and manifestations of feminine honor, and the social rewards associated with expressing sexist attitudes.  I am also dedicated to examining how students’ participation in research affects their professional development, and the role of teachers’ engagement in students’ level of engagement, motivation, and performance.

Research is a powerful teaching tool (Kuh, 2008) that has been shown to positively affect students’ personal and intellectual grown (e.g., Baur & Bennet, 2003; Hunter, Laursen, & Seymour, 2007; Kardash, 2000), and I am dedicated to this pursuit.  Each semester I lead a team of undergraduate research assistants (avg. of 4-5), under the supervision of Dr. Saucier. In this role, I have mentored undergraduates in all stages of the research process, including study design, data collection, data entry, analysis, and eventually the dissemination of our results. In addition to presenting our research at departmental convocations, we’ve present at national and international conferences (see vitae for complete list).

Recent Publications: (*indicates undergraduate student co-author)

Martens, A. L., Grover, C. L., Morrison, B. A, & Saucier, D. A. (Accepted pending revisions). An examination of gender differences versus similarities in a virtual world. Computers in Human Behavior.

Saucier, D. A., Miller, S. S., Martens, A. L., O’Dea, C. J., Jones, T. L. (2018). Individual differences explain regional differences in honor-related outcomes. Personality and Individual Differences, 124, 91-97.

Stratmoen, E., *Greer, M. M., Martens, A. L., & Saucier, D. A. (2018). What, I’m not good enough for you?: Individual differences in masculine honor beliefs and the endorsement of aggressive responses to romantic rejection. Personality and Individual Differences, 123, 151-162.

Saucier, D. A., Stanford, A. J., Miller, S. S., Martens, A. L., Miller, A. K., Jones, T. L., McManus, J. L., & Burns, M. D. (2016). Masculine honor beliefs: Measurement and correlates. Personality and Individual Differences, 94, 7-15.

Strain, M. L. & Martens, A. L., Saucier, D.A. (2016). “Rape is the new black”: Humor’s potential for reinforcing and subverting rape culture. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 2(1), 86-95.  

Book Chapters:

Martens, A. L., Miller, S. S., & Saucier, D. A. (2017) Self-reports. In T. K. Shackelford & V. A. Weekes-Shackelford (EDs).  Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Science. Springer.

Miller, S. S., Martens, A. L., & Saucier, D. A. (2017). Attributions to prejudice: Collective anger and action. In S. C. Cloninger & S. A. Leibo (Eds.) Angry groups and politics: How they change society, and how we can affect their behavior. Praeger.

Saucier, D. A., Miller, S. S., Martens, A. L., & O’Dea, C. J. (2017). Overt racism. In A.Blume & A. Czopp (Eds.) Social issues in living color: Challenges and solutions from the perspective of ethnic minority psychology. Praeger.