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Department of Psychological Sciences


Ph.D. Program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The doctoral program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Kansas State University prepares students for careers in consulting, private business, public agencies, and academic settings. The program was founded in the late 1950s, and has existed in its current form since 1976. Its graduates have obtained jobs in the following industries

  • Academics
  • Federal government agencies
  • Major corporations
  • International and National consulting firms.

See a partial list of Ph.D. graduates since 1975

Students who plan to pursue a career that involves teaching are encouraged to take advantage of the department's teaching apprenticeship program. All students in the program are encouraged to pursue apprenticeships in applied settings during their graduate work, typically after receiving the master's degree.

Course Requirements

The requirements for the degree are those established by the Department of Psychology. In addition to these requirements, we offer the following courses specifically related to industrial and organizational psychology. Descriptions of these courses can be found in the Kansas State University Graduate Catalog.

  • PSYCH 804. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (introductory seminar)
  • PSYCH 875. Industrial Psychology: Personnel Training
  • PSYCH 876. Industrial Psychology: Work Motivation
  • PSYCH 877. Industrial Psychology: Leadership
  • PSYCH 878. Industrial Psychology: Personnel Selection
  • PSYCH 879. Organizational Psychology
  • PSYCH 880. Industrial Psychology: Performance Appraisal

These industrial and organizational psychology courses are offered on a regular basis to assure that all students are able to take them in a timely fashion.

Preliminary Examinations

The preliminary examination for industrial and organizational students, taken after receiving the master's degree, focuses on:

  • The content of these courses
  • The Quantitative Analysis courses
  • PSYCH 968, Seminar in Professional Problems: Ethics.

Scholarships and Awards

Students whose dissertation proposals have the potential to impact the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology are eligible for the Ronald G. & Dorothy J. Downey Industrial/Organizational Dissertation Award.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply for admission. Instructions and guidelines for application, as well as an online application.

Distance Education Master's in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The Master of Science program in industrial/organizational psychology is a 38-hour sequence of on-campus and web-based courses. The program is directed at working human resource professionals and aims at teaching students to apply analytical behavioral science skill and course concepts to company related issues. The program spans 2 1/2 years and consists of eight courses in such areas as performance appraisal and compensation, training and program evaluation, job analysis and selection, organizational topics, ethical and legal issues, and applied research methods. The last semester of the program consists of students conducting a research practicum in their own organization under the supervision of faculty. Students attend campus once a year over the summer for two-week sessions. Four courses are taught as on-campus courses, and the remaining four courses and practicum are delivered via web-based instruction.

Follow this link for more information about our distance master's program.


For further information about the Industrial/Organizational program, please contact :