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Department of Psychological Sciences

John Watt, Ph. D.

TITLE: Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource (OBHR)

COMPANY: University of Central Arkansas (UCA), Department of Management

Company Address: 
University of Central Arkansas
210-B BBA
Conway, AR 72035

Telephone Number: (501) 450-5359

Job Description

Teach undergraduate and MBA courses related to organizational behavior and human resources (OBHR).

Advisor: Dr. Clive Fullagar


Ph.D., Psychology, Kansas State University, 2002

Dissertation Title: Fighting More Than Fires: Boredom Proneness, Workload Stress, and Underemployment Among Urban Firefighters

Dissertation Brief Abstract: Study examined the pattern or nomological network of individual difference variables to establish the construct and predictive validity of boredom proneness.

E-mail me : johnwatt@uca.edu