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Department of Psychological Sciences

Peggy Stockdale, Ph.D.

TITLE: Professor - Psychology

COMPANY: Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Company Address:
Department of Psychology
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901-6502

Telephone Number: 618-453-8331

Advisor: Dr. Frank "Skip" Saal

Job Description

Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in I/O and applied psychology; direct the Applied Psychology graduate program; conduct research; make professional presentations and write articles, chapters, and books on areas of interest (gender issues in the workplace, sexual harassment, sex discrimination); mentor graduate students; provide service to the department and university through committee work and faculty governance activities; consult with organizations on employee job attitudes, organizational climate, and sexual harassment policies and training; serve as expert witness for legal cases involving sex discrimination.


Ph.D., Psychology, Kansas State University, 1990

Dissertation Title: 
Examination of a process model of sex bias in personnel evaluations

Dissertation Brief Abstract: 
A sex-bias process model was developed to predict the occurrence of sex bias in personnel evaluations, positing that sex bias occur when raters rely on automatic cognitive processes. The model was tested in a laboratory and field study. In the laboratory study, undergraduate students (n=181) rated restaurant kitchen manager candidates. Sex bias occurred in the final selection of candidates, but was unrelated to the speed of cognitive processes – a measure of automaticity. In the field study, computer science faculty (n=48) evaluated graduate student applicants. A slight pro-female bias was observed. Process issues affecting sex bias in personnel ratings with implications for the treatment of women in the workplace were discussed.

E-mail me : pstock@siu.edu