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Department of Psychological Sciences

Craig V. King, Ph.D.


Director of Research


The MarkeTech Group (TMTG)

Company Address:

The MarkeTech Group (TMTG)

502 Mace Blvd, Suite 15

Davis CA 95616

Home Page:


Telephone Number:

530-792-8400, Ext. 308


Dr. Clive Fullagar

Job Description:

Direct all primary quantitative research projects for clients in the medical field. TMTG specializes in imaging technology such as CT, PET, MRI, SPECT, Ultrasound as well as cardiac, vascular, pulmonary, oncology, and neurology technologies. Projects include product development, pricing, perception, customer satisfaction, usage, message testing, and others. Our clients include all the major manufacturers of imaging technology and we conduct studies with physicians and product users in north, central, and south America, EU, Asia, India, and Australia.


Ph.D., Psychology, Kansas State University, 2002