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Department of Psychological Sciences

Jennifer L. Hughes, Ph. D.


Associate Professor - Psychology


Agnes Scott College

Company Address:

Department of Psychology

141 E. College Ave.

Agnes Scott College

Decatur, GA 30030

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Dr. Patrick Knight

Job Description:

I teach 5 courses a year and conduct research on commuting to and from work, dual-career couples, and motor vehicle accidents.

Dissertation Title:

An investigation of dual-career couples based on the constructs of Hall and Hall's dual career typology.

Dissertation Abstract:

The purpose of this study was to see if Hall and Hall's (1979) dual-career couple typology could bereplicated (allies, adversaries, accommodators, acrobats). Their typology was partially replicated. The couple types found using exploratory cluster analysis included: allies, adversaries, accommodators, and non-traditional accommodators. Support for the four couple types was shown by splitting the sample in half and replicating the cluster analysis. Multiple discriminant function analysis also provided support for the couple types found in this study.


Ph.D., Psychology, Kansas State University, 1997