Commerce Bank Presidential Faculty/Staff Awards for Distinguished Service to Minority Students

Name Position


Kay Ann Taylor Faculty, Curriculum and Instruction 2012
Madaí Rivera Coordinator, College of Human Ecology 2011
Zelia Wiley Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture 2010
Dawne Martin Faculty, Marketing 2009
Rebeca Paz Coordinator, Education and Personal Development 2008
Dr. Farrell Webb Faculty, Family Studies and Human Services 2007
Lorena Pasarelli Faculty, Biology 2006
Keener Tippin Research News Coordinator, Media Relations & Marketing 2005
Candice Hironaka Associate Director, Educational Leadership 2004
James Coffman Provost 2003
Suzanne Mayo-Theus   2002
Anita Cortez Education and Personal Development 2001
Douglas Benson Faculty, Modern Languages 2000
Juanita McGowan Director, American Ethnic Studies 1999
Kathleen Greene Director, Educ. Supportive Services 1998
David Griffin Faculty, Secondary Education 1997
Teto Henderson K-State Student Union 1996
LaBarbara Wigfall Faculty, Architecture 1995
Karen Martin Director, Multicultural Engr. Prog. 1994
Reginald McGowan   1993
Phil Anderson Faculty, Speech 1992
William Feyerharm Assistant Dean, Arts & Sciences 1991
Barbara Baker   1990
Harriet Ottenheimer Faculty, Anthropology 1989
Michael Holen Dean, College of Education 1988
William Sutton Vice-President 1987
Hakin-Salahu-Din   1986
Wayne Rohrer   1985
Karen Hummel Director, Minority Engineering Program 1984
Veryl Switzer   1982
Anne Butler   1981
E. Bernard Franklin Assistant Director, Student Life 1980
Antonia Pigno Faculty, Modern Languages 1979
James Boyer Faculty, Curriculum and Instruction 1978