Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President
Kansas State University
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Other University Committees

Family Day Committee (7026)

Contact: Emily Lehning, CHAIR  532-6237

For additional information about the Family Day event please see:


Union Governing Board (7027)

Contact: Bill Smriga   532-6591


K-State Homecoming Committee (7030)

Contact: Amanda Lee   532-5056


K-State All University Open House Coordinating Committee (7031)

Contact: Emily Lehning   532-6237

For additional information about the All University Open House event please see:


Recreational Services Council (7047)

Contact: Steve Martini   532-6980


Service and Maintenance Employee Safety Committee (7055)

Contact: Lisa Linck   532-5856


Black Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee (7073)

Contact: Zelia Wiley   532-5793


Landscape Advisory Committee (7100)

Contact: Cathie Lavis   532-1433


Marlatt Memorial Park (7110)

Contact: Mark Taussig   532-1732


United Way Committee (7510)



Campus Nonviolence Campaign Committee (7612)

Contact: Scott Jones 532-6432


Learning and Development Advisory Committee (7650)

Contact: Shanna Legleiter  532-0185